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The Complaynt of Scotland
Chapter XV

<f 96v>

Quhou the thrid sone of this fayr lady callit laubir ansuert vitht ane lamentabil complaynt.

Chap. XV.

O MY dolorus mother, quhilk sum tyme aboundit in prosperite and nou thou art spulzet fra al felicite, trocht grit affliction of langorius tribulatione resaif thy repreif in paciens for ane correctione, and nocht for ane inuectyf dispyit, i knau that thy complaynt is nocht disrasonabil nor vitht out cause zit nochtheles my displeseir is vondir bittir in sa far as i hef baytht the domage and the reproche of thy myscheif the quhilk i deserue nocht til hef be rason of my innocens. Allace the aduersite of ane innocent is mair nor cruel quhen he induris punitione for ane cryme that ane transgressor committis. i may be comparit to the dul asse in sa far as i am compellit to bayr ane importabil byrdyng, for i am dung and broddit to gar me do & to thole the thing that is abuif my pouer. allace i am the merk of the but contrar the quhilk euere man schutis arrous <f 97r> of tribulatione allace quhou is iustice sa euil trettit quhilk is occasione that euere man vsis al extreme extorsions contrar me as far as ther pouer can exsecut allace i laubyr nycht and day vitht my handis to neureis lasche and inutil idil men, and thai recompens me vitht hungyr and vitht the sourd. i susteen ther lyif vitht trauel & vitht the suet of my body, and thai parsecut my body vitht oultrage and hayrschip quhil i am be cum ane begger. thai lyf trocht me and i dee trocht them allace o my natural mother thou repreifis & accusis me of the faltis that my tua brethir committis daly, my tua brethir nobilis and clergie quhilk suld defend me tha ar mair cruel contrar me nor is my ald enemes of ingland. tha ar my natural brethyr bot thai ar my mortal enemes of verray deid. Allace quhou can i tak paciens considerand that ther can na thing be eikkyt to my parsecutione bot cruel dede. i dee daly in ane transe trocht the necessite that i hef of the gudis that i van vitht my laubyrs, my cornis and my cattel ar reft fra me, i am exilit fra my takkis and fra my steddyngis, the malis and fermis of the grond that i laubyr is hychtit to sic ane price that it is fors to me <f 97v> & vyf and bayrns to drynk vattir, the teyndis of my cornis ar nocht alanerly hychtit abufe the fertilite that the grond maye bayr, bot as veil thai ar tane furtht of my handis be my tua tirran brethir. and quhen i laubyr be marchandres or be mecanik craftis i am compellit to len and to fyrst it to my tua cruel brethir, and quhen i craif my dettis quhilk suld sustene my lyif, i am bostit hurt and oft tymis i am slane ther for laubereris to burtht & land and be see burd, thai indure daly sic violence that it is nocht possibil that esperance of releif can be ymagynit for ther is nay thing on the lauberaris of the grond to burtht and land bot arrage carage taxationis violent spulze and al vthyr sortis of aduersite, quhilk is onmercifully exsecut daly. the veyr is cryit contrar ingland, bot the actis of the veir is exsecutit contrar the lauberaris and consumis ther miserabil lyif O my natural mother, my complaynt is hauy to be tald, bot it is mair displesand to susteen my piteous desolatione. i am banest fra my house, i am boistit and manniest be my frendis, and i am assailzit be them that suld defend me, the lauberaris ar ane notabil membyr of ane realme, vitht out the quhilk the nobillis <f 98r>& clergie can nocht sustene ther stait nor ther lyif, zit notheles thai ar baytht be cum my mortal enemeis, the quhilk vil be the final euersione of ther auen prosperite. therfor i may compair them til ane man in ane frenyse quhilk bytis his auen membris vitht his techt, throuch the quhilk his body be cummis consumit, the romans in ald tymes prouidit prudentlie for the deffens of the comont pepil contrar the nobillis, the senat and al vtheris of grit stait or dignites and contrar ther extorsions for thai institut ane nobil man of office callit tribunus plebis quha deffendit the fredum and liberte of the comont pepil contrar the crualte of the hie senat or ony vthir grit man of grit stait. bot allace it is nocht nou of that sort vitht me for i am left desolat vitht out supple or deffens amang the handis of vrangus oppressours quhilk professit them to be my brethir and defendouris for i indure mair persecutione be them nor be the cruel veyr of ingland, for my takkis steyding and teyndis ar nocht alanerly tane fra me or ellis hychtit til ane onrasonabil price bot as veil i am maid ane slaue of my body to ryn and rashe in arrage & carraige, ther for i am constrenzet to cry on god for ane vengeance <f 98v> contrar them for the importabil afflictione quhilk thai constrenze me til indure the quhilk i beleif sal cum haistyly on them be the rycht iugement of god, conformand to the vordis of the prophet, propter miseriam inopum & gemitum pauperum nuc exurgam dicit dominus that is to say be the expositione of the doctoris. for the misere of mistirful men, and for the vepyng of pure men, the diuyne iustice sal exsecut strait punitione. therfor thir potestatis and men of stait that dois extorsions to the pure pepil thai hef mistir to be verra var and to abstrak them fra the violence quhilk tha parpetrat on the pure pepil, for it is to be presumit that the lamentabil voce and cryis of the affligit pepil complenant to the hauyn vil moue to pitie the clemens of the maist merciful and puissant diuyne plasmator the quhilk trocht his eternal iustice, vil succumb in confusione al violent vsurpatours quhilkis parpetratis sic cruel iniquiteis on the desolat pure pepil. Therfor (o thou my mother) sen i am in dangeir of the deitht and disparit of my lyif, necessite pulsis and constrenzes me to cry on god and to desire vengeance on them that persecutis me, in <f 99r> hope that he vil releif me or els to tak me furtht of this miserabil lyif, for the ingratitude of my tua brethir, ther dissolutione, and the mysknaulage of god, and ther disordinat misgouernance, is the cause of my impatiens, and cause of al my afflictione, for as ther euil conquest reches multiplies, ther disordinat pompe and ther delicius ydilnes vitht misknaulage of god augmentis, quhilk is occasione that tha ar ambitius in ther stait, couetuse of gudis and desirus to be gouernouris of the realme, i suld hef said misgouernouris of the realme, the quhilk foliful affectionis vil be ther auen confusione quhen god pleysis, be rason that nane of ther verkis ar conformand to the command of god. bot al the mannessing that is maid to them nor zit the grit promes that is maid to them be the holy scripture altris nocht ther couetyse desyre, therfor thai may be comparit to the edropic the quhilk the mair that he drynk the mair he hes desire to drynk. my tua brethir nobillis and clergie ar in sic melancole be cause that i complein and murmyris ther crualte bot zit nane of them decistis fra the vice quhilk gifis me occasione to murmyr. it is nocht possibil to gar extorsione be vitht out murmur <f 99v> nor murmur, to be vitht out rumour, of the pepil nor rumour to be vitht out diuisione, & diuisione vitht out desolatione and sklandyr, therfor my impaciens suld be supportit be cause that the occasione of it hes suppedit my rason. o my desolat mother thou suld nocht reproche al thy thre childir in general bot rathere to reproche sa mony in special that ar occasione of thy afflictione. thou vait that ane man vil haue childir of deferent conditionis sum gude and sum euil the patriark Iacob hed tuelf sonnis of the quhilk his zongest sone beniemyn vas indole and innocent and iosept vas faitful and merciful, and ruben vas pieteabil and humain, and the tothir nyne brethir var cruel and dissaitful, quhen thai condampnit there brothere Iosept to dee in ane cesterne, & there eftir thai sellit hym to the egiptiens to be ane sklaue. Siklik amang al sortis of pepil and amang al facultes and staitis, there is sum gud and sum euil, and fyrst to speik of the defferens of kyngis, dauid that roial prophet, vas ane holy kyng, and kyng saul vas cruel & vicius, and amang the staitis of preistis mathathias vas gude, and obnias vas euil, and amang the staitis of prophetis daniel vas gude, and <f 100r>balaam vas euil, & amang the vedous, iudicht vas gude, and Ihesabel vas euil, amang the pastoirs and hirdis, abel vas gude and abimelech vas euil, amang the staitis of reche men Iob vas gude and nabal was euil, and amang the religion of the apostolis Sanct petir vas gude and iudas vas euil. ther for o my dolorus mother thou erris in thy accusatione, in sa far as thou makis na acceptione of personis nor puttis defferens betuix qualites of conditionis of men. it is concludit be al lauis, diuyne and humain, that euere person sal bayr his auen birding, and that euere person sal be commendit or detestit efferand for his conuersatione. therfor thou suld nocht condamp innocentis and trangressouris baytht to giddir, sic punitione excedis the limitis of discretione and of iustice. it is vrytin in the 7 cheptor of genesis that god sauit lotht and his famile be cause of there obediens quhen he distroyit the vicius pepil of sodome and gomore. O my velbelouit mother, thou knauis that i am innocent of thy inuectiue accusatione, and that my tua cruel brethir ar the cause of thy desolatione, & of my distructione. for i am sa violently ouerset be them, that throcht pouerte of gudis and <f 100v>trocht debilite of my persone, i can nothir do gude to my frendis nor euil to my enemes. quharfor i exort the til altir thy seueir accusatione in ane cheritabil consolatione. ther is ane prouerb that sais, parce sepulto, that is to saye, spair hym that is in his sepulture this prouerb maye be applyit to my dolorus fortoune, for i maye be comparit til hym that is dede in his sepulture considerand that ther can be na dolour eikit to my aduersite, except cruel deitht. there for thou suld abstrak thy inuectiue reprocha, quhilk is rather crualte nor correctione, conformand til ane adagia of ane of the seuyn sapientis of rome callit minus publianus that said, crudelis in re aduersa est obiurgatio. Allace my deir mother thou consideris nocht quhou that my brethir ar becum onmerciful tirrans touart me. i am haldyn be the vlgar pepil for there zongest brother, bot i am there eldest brother in verra deid. for i vas gottyn and borne lang befor them, and it vas i that first instituit there faculteis. for the pollice that vas inuentit be me & my predecessouris eftir the creatione of the varld hes procreat the stait of my brethir. the faculteis and the begynnyng of nobillis and <f 101r>spiritualite hed bot pure lauboraris to there predecessouris. bot nou sen thai ar cum to stait and digniteis trocht me, thai ar be cum ingrat and lychtleis me. my tua brethir professis them to be gentil men, and reputis me and al lauberaris to be rustical and inciuile ondantit ignorant dullit slauis. thai vil nocht consider that al there gentreis hes proedit and discendit fra me, ther for quhair thai compt the degreis of there genologie, thai suld fyrst begyn at adam oure foir father and quhen thai pryde them and ascribis in there reches faculteis or digniteis, thai suld fyrst begyn at the successouris of ouer foir father Adam, quhilkis var lauberaris of the grond and be there prudent inuention and pollice hes procreat the stait that thai posses therfor thai haue na cause to gloir in them seluis bot rather thai suld gloir in me and in al lauberaris of the grond quhilkis var fundatouris of al there triumphand prosperite. bot there affectione and there vane ignorant consaitis garris them ymagyn & beleif that there predecessouris and al there nobillite and digniteis hes discendit fra the angellis and archangellis & nocht fra ouer for father adam quhilk is the speciale cause that <f 101v>thai lychtlie the lauberaris that fundit them. i meruel that thai considir nocht the gentris & genologe of kyng dauid that hed ane pure scheiphird til his father. tulius hostilius the thrid kyng of rome vas the sone of ane pure lauberar of the grond. tarquinius priscus the fyift kyng of rome vas the sone of ane pure marchant varro that prudent consul and dictatur of rome vas the sone of ane flaschar. the vailzeant consul of rome perpenna quha reuengit the slauchtir of crassus vas the sone of ane pure greik marcus cato vas the sone of ane pure man of tuscan. the philosophour socrates quhilk vas iugit to be the maist prudent man in the vniuersal varld, vas the sone of ane pure man callit sophomistus quhilk vas ane grauer of imagis of marbyr stone, and his mother vas ane meyd vyf. euripedes vas the sone of ane pure man that sellit frut & eirbis. demostenes that prudent duc of athenes vas the sone of ane pure marchant that sellit ald knyuis. agathocles kyng of cecille vas the sone of ane pottar that formit clay pottis. marcus tulius cicero vas the sone of ane pure lauberar of arpyne. quhar for i meruel of the vanete of my tua brethir that ascribis and professis them <f 102r>gentil men be successione of ther predecessouris. and thai vil nocht considir that the stok of the fyrst genologe of al the nobillis that hes bene sen the varld began hes been pure lauberaris and mecanik craftis men, therefor it is grit abusione to them to gloir in there nobil blude, for i trou that gif ane cirurgyen vald drau part of there blude in ane bassyn it vald hef na bettir cullour nor the blude of ane plebien or of ane mecanik craftis man. the vane gloir that my tua brethir takis in sic vane gentilnes is the cause that thai lichtlye me trocht the quhilk arrogant mynde that thai hef consauit thai mysken god and man, quhilk is the occasione that i and thou sal neuyr get releif of our afflictione. quharfor i pray to god to grant them grace to ken them selfis, for as lang as thai ken nocht them selfis thai sal neuyr ken god nor zit sal hef pitie of pure affligit pepil. the quhilk misknaulege of themself and of god sal be occasione of there auen ruuyne bot gif thai correct them selfis haistyle. O my dolorus mother, this prolixt lamentabil complaynt procedis fra ane affligit hart, quhar for i exort the to mettigat thy inuectiue vehement accusatione, and to considir the <f 102v>verite of my innocens. the prudent seneque gyuis cummand to repreif vitht out iniure, and to loue vitht out flattery, bot thou passis the limitis of baytht thir documentis for thy vordis ar verra iniurius vitht out perspectione to the verite thou accusis me ouer rigourouslie of conspiratione and trason, thou knauand veil that trason is neuyr generit nor inuentit in the hartis of the pure comontis, & quhou beit that there ignorance culd gar them cansaue ane grondit maleis contrar ane prince that hes perpetrat exactionis on the pepil, zit notheles thai hef nothir prudens nor knaulege til conuoye and til exsecut ony point of trason. there for quhen the committaris of trason ar tryit furtht, it sal be fundyn that i and al vthir of my faculte sal be clene and innocentis of that foule cryme, be rason that it is nocht possibil that ane pure man can haue oportunite til exsecut ane traisonabil act contrar ane prince be cause of sa mony dificil impedimentis that maye impesche hym, as pouerte dreddour ignorance and notht hefand familiarite vitht ane prince, and the perellis & dangers that maye succed fra coniurationis ar vondir grit nocht alanerly in the conuoyng <f 103r>and in the diuising diuerse consaitis to bring there purpos til effect, bot as veil the dangeir and perrel is as grit in the exsecutione of it and na les danger and perrel eftir that it be exsecut therefor i think that ane pure man can commit na trason contrar ane prince, bot gif that he vald haszard his lyif in ane disparit vilfulnes and quhar ony man takis hardynes to commit trason of that sort it is rycht seyndil sene that he eschapis the deitht in the present tyme of his exsecutione. ther for i can nocht beleif that ony person vil offir hym self til ane certan detht vilfully, for quhou beit that pausanias sleu philip kyng of macedon passand to the tempil quhar he hed ane thousand of his men of armis about hym in the presens of his sone and of his gude sone, zit noththeles that act culd neuyr hef been exsecut hed nocht been that pausanias hed familiarite vitht kyng philip. and siklyik ane spangzard of ane pure stait strak ferrand kyng of spangze vitht ane knyf on the crag quhilk vound vas nocht mortal zit noththeles this spangzard culd nocht hef dune it, hed nocht been that he hed ane hardy hart and alse heffand commodite and tyme oportune to commit that act. <f 103v> Siklyik ane preist of turque callit deruis schot ane bolt befoir the port of tempil contrar basit quhilk vas fathere to solomanuis the grit turk that ringis nou presentlye, that schot sleu nocht basit bot zit the exsecutione of that act culd nocht hef been vitht out hardynes and oportunite therfor O my desolat mother ve that ar pure lauberaris suld neuir be suspekkit of trason, considerand that ve haue nothir tyme, oportunite, reches, credens, hardynes, prudens, nor familiarite vitht ane prince, therfor al historiographours rehersis that al coniurations hes been exsecut be grit personagis of ane realme or ellis be the familiaris seruandis of ane prince. there for ve that ar pure comontis distitut of credit, prudens, and autorite, and nocht heffand familiarite vitht the maieste of ane prince, ve can hef na comodite of the necessair thingis that ar requirit to put ane trasonabil act til exsecutione, for quhou beit that our ignorance vald gar vs consaue ane malicius intent contrar our prince, ve behufit fyrst to reueil it til diuerse men to gar them be participant vitht vs, troucht the quhilk reuelatione sum of them vald accuse vs til our prince. for it is nocht possibil <f 104r>to gar thresum keip consel and speciale in causis of trason, for euere person hes sum frend that he louis as veil as hym self, and that frende hes ane vthir frende, and that tothir frend hes the thrid frende, and the thrid frend hes the feyrd frende and of this sort there intrepricis is manifest, fra the quhilk succedis perdition of body and gudis. for there is nocht mony men in this varld bot sum vil schau there secret to ther brother, or to there companzone, or to there vyfe or to there familiar seruandis, and alsa indiscretione of sum coniuratours causis there entreprisis to be discouuert be there seruandis or childir troucht suspectione and coniecture that occurris quhen thir coniuratours ar ouer ample and plane in ther deliberatione of there purpos ande of there entreprice in the presens of there seruandis and childir, as is rehersit in the fyrst beuk of titus liuius that quhen the sonnis of brutus var makand ane sedicius pactione vitht the imbassadours of tarquinus quhilk there father brutus hed bannest fra rome, at that tyme ane seruand of the sonnis of brutus herd al the pactione of the coniuratione the quhilk seruand accusit them of trason to there fathere <f 104v> brutus, and to the senat quilk vas occasione that brutus vsit extreme iustice on his tua sonnis nocht heffand regarde to the pitie that fathers hes touuart there natural sonnis, bot rather he did preffer the public veil befor natural loue quhen he gart strik the heydis fra his tua zong sonnis. Sum tyme coniuration is reuelit throucht facilnes of the coniuratours that schauis there secret til ane voman or til ony frende that thai loue hartfully, as did ane gentil man callit dinus quha vas participant of the coniuratione that philotes intendit til exsecut contrar kyng allexander, this foirsaid dinus reuelit his secreit til ane zong child that he louit callit nicomacus, ande nicomacus reuelit that samyn secret til his brother ciballinus, and ciballinus reuelit it til kyng alexander quhilk vas occasione that the coniuratiours suffrit the detht. Therefor (o my dolorus mothere) thou may consider that the defeculte of the comitting of trason is vondir grit, and the perrel and the dangeir that succedis is na les, quharfor grit men and alse the familiaris of princis that coniuris, ar affligit in there hart vitht ane thousand deffeculteis or tha tak on hand til exsecute there entreprice. <f 105r>than be mair rycht ve that ar poure comontis can nothir hef oportunite nor comodite to virk trason contrar our prince. and quhou beit that sum tyme ve resaue iniuris throucht exactions that ane euil gouuernit prince exsecutis on the pepil, zit nochtheles ve indure tha exactions patientlye and exsecutis no traisonabil vengeance, be cause ve hef nothir knaulage reches nor subtilite to conuoye vs til exsecut sic trason, there for quhen ve commit no traison our ignorance deseruis mair louyng nor dois our prudens the maist cruel vengeance that pure comontis can exsecut contrar ane eueil prince is to gar our vyuis & bayrnis pray nycht and daye to send ane mischeif on hym and to send hym schort lyue dais & to send ane vthir gude prince in his place conformand to the prayer of sanct dauid in the 108 psalme of his psalter quhilk sais etenem occidantur qui nor perturbant, fiant filij eius orphani, & episcopatum eius accipiet alter, as is contenit at mair lyntht in the psalme callit deus laudem, bot ve nor our vyuis and bayrnis dar neuyr pray appynly to send sic vengeance on ane euil prince in drede that sum curtician alege trason on vs and thereftir to <f 105v>by our eschet. ther for ve praye for vengeance quhen ve ly doune at euyn, and quhen ve ryise in the mornyng. bot al the remanent of the daye quhen ve happyn to cum in ony straynge companye, ve pray deuotly vitht ane fenzet hart to saue his grace and to keip hym in lang lyue dais and in gude prosperite. as valerius maximus rehersis ane exempil quhou there vas ane vyfe of syracuse in cecille quhilk prayt daly in the tempil in presens of the pepil to saue and to keip dionisius the kyng of cecille quha vas ane prince that committit mony exactions on the pure pepil. the deuotione of this ald vyif vas reportit to kyng dionisius quha culd nocht meruel aneucht of the gude mynde that sche hed touuart hym considerand that al the remanent of the pepil of siracuse heytit hym to the detht for the exactions insupportabil that he exsecutit on the pepil. than to be satefeit of his admiratione he send for that ald vyif and inquirit hyr of the cause of the gude mynde that sche bure touuart hym, considerand that he neuyr merit nor deseruit sic kyndnes touuart hyr. the ald vyif ansuert to kyng dionisius, quod sche my souuerane prince i vse nocht sic deuotione <f 106r>to desir zour lang lyif dais bot for ane grit rason as i sal reherse. in the begynnyng quhen i vas ane zong damysel zour gudscheir molestit the pepil vitht intollerabil exactions. quhar for i prayt to the goddis of the tempil to schort his lyif dais, than sune ther eftir he vas slane. than eftir hym succedit his sone quha vas zour father, and he did mair extorsions to the pepil nor did his father, quharfor i prayt to the goddis of the tempil to send hym schort lyif dais, than sune there eftir he vas stikkit in his secret chalmyr. and nou ze succed to zour fatheris heretage and til al his vicis, for ze commit dayly mair insupportabil exactions nor did zour father or zour gudscheir, quhar for i pray dayly to the goddis to send zou lang lyif dais, for i vait veil sen that iniquiteis and vicis succedis gre be gre fra princis vitht augmentation of the samyn, doutles i suspect that zour successour sal be the master deuyl, there for i hed leuyr indure zour exactions nor til hef ane var prince in zour place. Of this sort (O my dolorus mother) ve that ar comont pepil vsis na vthir trason bot murmuris and bannis our prince secretlye quhen he gouuernis nocht veil the realme <f 106v>vitht iustice and puneissis trangressouris. And quhou beit that thou vald alege that ve can nocht purge vs of trason in sa far as ve hef tane assurance of inglis men, allace thou suld nocht imput our assurance for trason nor for ane cryme for thou vait veil that ve that ar lauberaris of the grond culd nocht resist the inglis men, for ve that hed our vyuis and barnis our cattel and corne and our gudis in the boundis quhilk the inglis men possest violentlye, gart it be forse til vs to be assurit or ellis ve hed lossit al our gudis, and our selfis til hef beene slane. for it is veil knauen that sum of vs vald nocht be assurit in hope that my tua brethir nobilis and speritualite vald hef defendit vs and til hef resistit our enemeis, bot sic vane hope that ve hed of my brethers supple hes gart mony of vs be hareyt furtht of house and herberye quhilk is occasion that mony of us ar beggand our meit athourt the cuntre and there is nocht ane of vs that ar hereyt be inglis men that can get othir tak or steyding or kou or ox fra our tua bredir to help vs in this extreme pouerte, this veil considirit (o my desolat mother) i suld empesche the to iuge that the assurance that the pure comontis <f 107r>hes taine to procede of trason, considerand that necessite vas the cause of our assurance therfor doutles quhen the autorite & my tua brethir passis in gude ordour to resist the inuasions of our ald enemeis, it sal be maid manifest that the pure comontis that ar assurit of inglis men thai sal preif as gude scottis men eftir there qualite as ony scottis man of scotland that vas neuyr assurit. bot nou at this dolorus tyme ve ar constrenzet to be assurit the quhilk assurance is bot ane dissimulatione, tariand quhil the tyme virk ane bettir chance. and i think that our dissymilatione is nothir cryme nor syn, considerand as the bissynes of the cuntre standis presentlye. for ane dissimilatione that procedis nocht of ane astuce intent suld be callit ane hie prudens rathere nor dissymilatione. the dissymilatione of that vailzeant romane iunius brutus conquest til hym mair reputatione and gloir nor did his vailzeant actis that he committit quhen he bannest the tirran kyngis furtht of rome Titus liuius rehersis that tarquinus superbus the sext kyng of rome vas verra cruel contrar them that var reput vise and prudent, & alse he perpetrat daly intollerabil exactions <f 107v>contrar the comont pepil. quhen euyr it vas reportit til hym of ony speciale person that vas reput prudent, he gart put that person in his beuk of proscriptione quharfor zoung iunius brutus quha vas sistir sone to tarquinus, heffand dreddor to be slane be his oncle, and to tyne his patrimone, he of ane prouidit mynde. dissimilit his prudens, & changit his outuart verteous conditions in actis of folye lyke ane natural fule, quhar for it vas beleuit be al the romans that he vas be cum frenetic and glaykit quhilk vas occasione that tarquinus vald nocht exsecut his crualte contrar hym be cause he iugit hym to be ane fule iunius brutus conteneuit in his dissimilatione quhil on to the tyme that sextus tarquinus violet be forse the cheist lucrecia the quhilk vile act generit ane dispyit and ane rancor vithtin the hartis of the romans. than iunius brutus persauand the commotione of the pepil, he thocht it conuenient tyme to leaue his dissimilatione and to practik his prudens, quhar for he past to the frendis of lucrecia and til diuerse othir nobil romans and gart them depone ane serment that thai suld al concur and conuene togidthir in ane purpose contrar the crualte of <f 108r>tarquinus superbus. this serment vas veil maid & bettir kepit, for brutus and the vailzeand romans bannest tarquinus fra rome & al them of that surname quhilk vas occasione that the comont veil of rome returnit in gude prosperite. be this exemplis the pure comontis of scotland that hes there vyuis bayrnis & there gudis lyand vndir the inglis mennis feit and hes na releif nor deffens to reuenge nor to resist the inglis mens inuasions thai suld mesure and veye there auen forse, and gif thai fynd them selfis sterk aneucht to defend them and there gudis contrar the inglis men, in that cace thay ar oblist til haszard there lyifis and there gudis to deffend the cuntre quhou beit that thai get na supple of the autorite. and in apposit gif the pure comontis that lyis vithtin the inglis men handis be nocht of ane qualite to deffend nor to resist there enemeis thai commit na cryme quhen thai mak ane dissimulit assurance vitht inglis men, and to tempt al the consaitis and vays that thai can iuge to be necessair to gar them be saue of body and gudis fra the crualte of ingland quhil on to the tyme that thai maye be strynthit be the autorite to cum to resist the <f 108v>inglis men. Quhar for i exort the (o my desolat mother) that thou imput nocht the assurance of the pure comontis to proceid of trason, bot rather that thou accuse my tua sophistic brethir quhilkis suld and culd hane releuit and restorit the to thy fyrst stait, for god knauis veil that i am innocent of thy accusatione, and the remeid of thy afflictione lyis nocht in my possibilite.

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