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The Complaynt of Scotland
Chapter XI

Quhou the pretendit kyngis of ingland hes no iust titil to the realme of ingland nothir be electione nor be successione, and quhou thai pretendit kyngis of ingland, hes practikyt ane crafty dissait contrar valis and yrland.

Chap. XI.

THIR vordis befor rehersit (O ze my thre sonnis) suld prouoke zou to tak curaige, there for i vald that hope of victoree var augmentit, & dreed var <f 68r> banest fra zou. vald ze al perpend zour iust defens and querrel than hardines and curage vald returne vitht in zour hartis. and fyrst ze suld considyr the pepil, and the titil of them that persecutis zou be on iust veiris. quhen ze hef veil socht the verite, ze sal fynd that it is the false blude that discendit of sergestes and engestes quhilk var tua saxons that cam vitht aleuin thousand saxons fra thair auen cuntra to support and supple the kyng of grit bertanze quhilk is nou callit ingland quha vas opprest be cruel ciuil veyris. than eftir that thir tua saxons hed venquest the enemes of the kyng of bertanze, thai trasonablie banest the rythteus kyng and his posterite fra the realme. and sen syne that false blude hes possest that cuntre violently be tyrranye, and the maist part of thay tirran kyngis that hes succedit of that fals blude, hes beene borreaus to their predecessours as the cronikls of ingland makis manyfest, as of henry the first of that name quhilk vas banest fra the crone, Siklik henry the thrid vas banest fra the crone be his second sone Richart, ihone kyng of ingland gart slay the heretours of his predecessours and brukit the realme tuenty zeirs and syne ther eftir he vas banest <f 68v> and eftir that kyng eduard vas gart dee meserablye in preson, syklik Richart the sycond vas cruelly slane be his auen men, and ther eftif henry the saxt lossit his liyf be eduard the thrid of that name, than eftir hym succedit rechart the thrid quha gart sla the childir of eduard the thrid, and sa brukit the cuntre certan tyme and ther eftir vas exilit fra the crone, and henry the seuynt be the support and supple of the kyng of France gat the crone of ingland, and sa none of them hed rytht to the crone of ingland ergo thai hef na titil to the crone of scotland. Al this veil considerit suld inflam zour hartis vitht curage to resist ther cruel vrangus assaltis & to menteme be vailzeantnes the iust defens of zour natyf cuntre. ze knau quhou thai and there forbears hes beene zour ald mortal enemes tuelf hundretht zeiris by past makand cruel veir contrar zour predecessours be fyir and suerd, dayly distroyand zour feildis villagis and buroustounis, vytht ane ferme purpos to denud scotland fra zour generatione, and therer vas neuer faitht nor promes kepit be them bot aye quhen ze beleifit til hef hed maist sure pace betuix zou and them than thai lay at the vacht lyik the ald subtil doggis bydand <f 69r> quhil conspiratione or discentione suld ryes amang zou than be there austuce and subtilite thai furnest vitht money baitht the parteis aduersaris to slay doune vderis, quhilk vas ane reddy passage to gar them conqueis our realme vithtout straik or battel, throcht the occasion of the social ciuil and intestyne veyre that rang sa cruelly throucht our cuntre. Valerius maximus rehersis ane exempil conformand to this samyn purpos quhen the atheniens and the lacedemoniens quhilkis var the tua maist famous tounis vitht in the monarche of greice thair raise ane discention and discord betuix the said tua tounis, than darius kyng of perse quha hed euer ane ardant desyir to conqueis greice be cause the greciens hed euer been mortal enemes til hym and til his predecessours, and speciale the toun of athenes resistit hym mair in his veyris nor did al the remanent of greice. for that cause he send his prouest tasifernes vitht gold and siluer to lacedemonia to furneis them in there veyris contrar the atheniens. at that tyme alcibiades vas bannest fra athenes and excommunicat be the prestis of there tempil, eftir the consuetude of there lau. than alcibiades <f69v> past for refuge to the lacedemoniens quha var mortal enemes to the atheniens, he vas resauit rytht honorabilye and gat gryt credit amang them quhilk vas occasion that throcht his consel and throu the gold that the prouest tacifernes hed brocht to lacedemonia fra his maister kyng darius, the lacedemoniens tryumphit contrar the atheniens. alcibiades persauand that lacedemonia vas aperand to be superior of athenes he said to the prouest of kyng darius. schir ze suld nocht furneis the lacedemoniens vitht sa grit quantite of gold and siluer contrar athenes, for gif athenes be conquest be the lacedemoniens than the lacedemoniens sal be superiors of al greice: and fra tyme that thai be pacibil gouuernours of greice and hes no ciuil veyris, discord, nor discention amang them, than doutles thai sal intend veir contrar zour maister darius kyng of perce, as there forbears did in alld tymis. there for i think it maist conuenient that kyng darius furneis lacedemonia bot vitht sa mekil money as may keip them on venquest be the atheniens, and als it var verray necessair that kyng darius furnest the atheniens vitht sa mekil money as may resist the lacedemoniens, and that sal gar al the cuntrey <f 70r> of greice hef perdurabil veyr amang them selfis, and than kyng, darius may eysily conqueis greice vitht litil dommage to his cuntrey. the prouest of darius adherit to the counsel of alcibiades, and send nocht sameikil monye to the lacedemoniens as mytht gar them conqueis athenes, nor zit he send nocht so litil money that throcht necessite thai suld leaue or desist fra the veyris. of that samyn sort he send money to athenes to defend them contrar the lacedomiens. and sa be the counsel of alcibiades darius kyng of perce conqueist mair of greice, vitht ane hundretht tallentis that he distribuit secretly amang the grecians to menteme there ciuil veyris ilk ane contrer vderis, nor he conquest be forse, vitht ten thousand tallentis. As hary the eycht kyng of ingland did to the empriour & to the kyng of Frence in the zeir of gode ane thousand fiue hundretht tuenty foure zeris, he professit hym self to be neutral bot zit he furnest the empriour vitht sex thousand fut men and tua hundretht lycht horse on his auen expensis quhen the kyng of France vas past ouer the alpes to seige paue ande alse that samyn kyng hary lent to the kyng of France aucht scoir of thousandis engel noblis of <f 70v> the quhilk the empriour vas surly aduertest. for quhen the kyng of France ande his armye var deffait be the duc of Burbon, the viceroy of naples, the marquis of pesquaire, and the marquis of gonnast, thir said princis gat in the spulze of the France men ,the kyng of Francis pose, quhilk vas al in engel noblis, ande alse thai gat the kyng of inglandis preua vriting quhilk he hed sende to the kyng of France at the seige of paue. of this sort the kyng of ingland playit vitht baytht the handis, to gar the empriour and the kyng of France ilk ane distroye vthirs (O ze my thre sonnis) the discention & discord that ryngis amang zou hes done mair distructione til our realme nor quhen the gryt armye & pouer of ingland inuadit zou. the experiens of this samyn is manifest quhou that the kyngis of ingland hes bene mair solist to hef pace & fauoir of scotland quhen iustice & concord gouuernit the thre estaitis. of scotland nor tyl hef hed the fauoir & pace of al the riche realmis that the empriour possessis, and in opposit quhen the kyngis of ingland persauis, discord discentione, ciuil veyris, iniusteis & diuisione vitht in scotland than thai forgie fenzet querrellis contrar our realme, <f 71r>in hope that ilk scottis man sal be mortal enemye til his nychtbour. Quhar for i exort zou zou my thre sonnis that ze be delegent to remeide zour abusions of the tymis by past, quhilk sal neuir cum til effect, bot gyf that ze remoue & expel discentione discord, and hatrent that ringis amang zou for gyf ze be enemeis to zour selfis, than quhy suld the kyngis of ingland be accusit quhen thai intend veyris contrar zou considerant that thai hef bene euyr zour ald enemeis i vald spere quhat castel can be lang kepit quhen the enemies seigis it cruelly vitht out, and vitht in the said castel ther ringis mortal feyr amang the soudartis men of veyr quhilkis suld lyf in ane mutual & faythtful accord in deffens of the said castel contrar externe violens? this veil considrit suld be occasione to gar zou expel hatrent diuisione & auaricius lyffing furtht of zour hartis, & alse it suld prouoke zou to remembir of the nobil actis of zour foir fathers & predecessours, quha deffendit this realme be there vailzeantnes, & alse reducit there liberte quhilk vas ane lang tyme in captiute be the machination of zour ald enemes as ze may reid in diuersis passis of zour cronikillis. and sen ze knau that god hes schauen sic fauoir <f 71v> to zour foirbearis, throcht the quhilk thai hef venqueist thair enemes and brocht the realme be visdome & manhede in sykkyr pace quhou beit thai var onequal baytht in nummer & puissance to zour ald enemes, ze suld mak ane mirrour of there nobil actis. for sen ze knau that zour ald enemes hes intendit to conqueis & to subdieu zou to there dominione nocht throcht there manhede & visdome bot rather throcht the discentione that ringis amang zou, ze suld schau zou verteous & vailzeant in zour rytht defence. for quhen ze ar in accord & lyuis in tranquilite, zour ald enemes sendis ther imbassadours to desyre pace & fauoir quhilk is mair necessair to them nor it is honest, considering of there grit pouer & mytht be see & be land. bot nochtheles the mair reches that thai posses the mair schame redondis to them, & the mair gloir is zouris, sen thai hef beene venquist be zou diuerse tymes quhome thai held maist vile and febil, and nou sen ze knau the apering dangeir of zour natif cuntre ze suld prudently consult to escheu al dangeir and to begyn sic gude ordour ze suld prouide al vays to remoue discentione sedetione and auaricius lyffyng, quhilk may induce hatrent inuy and <f 72r> rancor amang zou, to that effect that ilk persone may lyf eysylye on his auen iust conques, and that none of the realme hef occasione to do extorsions til vthyris. for sic gude pollycie veil ordorit sal cause the cuntre to increse in gloir honour and reches and dreddor to zour enemes. quha ar verray solist and vigilant to conques zou, ther prouisione of diuerse sortis is vonder grit, nocht alanerly be gryt multitude of men of veyr and ane grit nauen of schipis be seey burde, bot as veil be secret machinatione to blynd zou be auereis presentand to zou gold siluyr and grit promessis of heretagis to persuaid zou to commit traison contrar zour faith honour and comon veil quhilk is ane rycht passage to bring zou and your posterite til ane vile & final exterminatione. vald ze maturly consydir the subtilite of inglismen ze sal fynd them aperand faithful and humain in thair aduersite, bot quhen thai ar in prosperite thai ar ingrat tirrans and cruel abuf al vdir natione. Och quhou dangerus is it, til ony sort of pepil til hef ane cruel tirran ryngand abuf them, and to eschaip sic tirrany zour forbears hes debatit zour cuntre this mony zeiris be grit manhede and visdome. <f 72v> quhou beit it vas in dangeir to be in final euersione. the croniklis vil certifie zou quhou thae zour nobil predecessours and foir bears var slane and the comont pepil brocht to vile seruitude ane lang tyme be the saxons blude, and zit sic calamite and persecutione indurit bot for ane tyme. for god almythty that knauis zour iust defens hes euer schauen gryt fauoir touart zou, therfor ze suld tak curage in zour iust querrel. ze hef no cause to dispayr for falt of supple, for zour predecessours hes been in mair dangeir quhen zour strynthis and castellis hes nocht been sa defensabil, nor zit the cuntre heffand supple of na forane prince. It is tideous to rehers the grit calamiteis the sair battellis and the cruel slauchtyr that vas cruelly exsecutit on scoctis men, and to conclude, al the cuntre vas in extreme subiectione fourty zeirs and possest be our ald enemes. Bot nochtheles god almythty valknit vitht his grace the hartis of zour predecessours, as he did to sampson Dauid and iudas macchabeus contrar the enemes of Israel, quhair for al zour cuntre vas delyuerit fra captiute to the grit domage of reches and effusione of blude on zour ald enemes. ze vait <f 73r> veil that the ciuil and intestyne veir and the discentione and discord and rancor that ryngis amang zou is the speciale cause of the inglismenis inuasions and of zour miserite, for zour ald enemes quhou beit of ther puissans vald neuer hef maid sic incursions ande hairschips on the bordours and limitis of zour cuntre, var nocht zour selfis maid ane reddy passage to them throcht the occasione of zour auen discentions that ryngis amang zou. ther for it is necessair that ze al perpend that sic discentione be nocht the cause of zour auen distructione and final ruyne of zour natione. the kyng of ingland knauand the discention that ryngis amang zou, he vil tret cheris and promes grit reches til ony of zou that vil adhere til hym contrar zour comont veil, bot fra tyme that he get dominione of the cuntre ze sal be his sklauis in extreme seruitude ,zour vyfis and dochteris, deflorit be the onbridilit lust of zour ald enemes, and violently led auay befoir zour facis be the extreme lauis of the veyr. zour gold and siluyr and vthir gudis public and priuat sal be distribut and disponit amang them, the frutis and cornis of zour grond to be vsit at ther dispositione, and ze sal <f 73v> be compellit to laubir the naikyt feildis vitht zour auen handis to there proffet. ze sal nocht alanerly be iniurit be euil vordis bot als ze sal be violently strykkyn in zour bodeis, quharfor ze sal lyf in mair thirlage nor brutal bestis quhilkis ar thirlit of nature. And ony of zou that consentis tis his fals conques of zour cuntre ze sal be recompenssit as zour forbears var at the blac perliament at the bernis of ayre quhen kyng eduard maid ane conuocatione of al the nobillis of scotland at the toune of ayre, vndir culour of faitht and concord, quha comperit at his instance, nocht heffand suspitione of his tresonabil consait, than thai beand in his subiectione vndir culour of familiarite, he gart hang cruelly and dishonestly to the nummer of sexten scoir of the maist nobillis of the cuntre. Tua and tua ouer ane balk. the quhilk sextene scoir var cause that the inglismen conquest sa far vithtin zour cuntre. Ze may reid the cronklis of al cuntreis and ze sal fynd that quhen forain princis hes violentlye but iust titil gottin dominatione on vthis cuntreis than in the begynnyng thai haue tretit and flatterit the principal inhabitans quhil on to the tyme that thai var pacebil dominatours. <f 74r> and there eftir thai haue vsit there dissymilit intent on the pepil, and hes distroyit them, as kyng eduard did at the bernis of ayre befor rehersit. There is ane exempil conformand to this samen purpos rehersit be valerius maximus and in titus liuius quhou that tarquinus superbus the sext kyng of rome quhilk maid cruel veyre contrar the cite of gabine til hef hed it subdeuit to the dominione of rome. bot that nobil cite deffendit there liberte rytht vailzeantly. his sone sextus tarquinus vas in grit melancolye be cause his father culd nocht conques that cite be fors nor be loue not zit be flattery. ther for he departit fra his father vitht ane fenzet displeseir and past to the cite of gabine makand ane pitteus complaint on the crualte of his fader contrar hym, prayand to them of gabine that thai vald be his deffens contrar his father, and he sal be subiect to that cite in perpetual. the cite of gabine throcht there facilnes gef hasty credit to sextus tarquinus and resauit hym and trettit hym be grit familiarite. than day be day be his fayr vordis thai gef hym credens, in sic ane sort that al the pepil be cam obedient til hym. than he send ane of his familiaris til <f 74v>his fader tarquinus superbus declarand quhou he hed conqueist the fauor of al the pepil, desyrand his fatheris counsel quhou he suld vse hym to hald them in subiectione. the messager of sextus past to tarquine superbe declarand his message quhar he gat ald tarquine in ane garding, bot ald tarquine gef nay ansuer to the messanger, bot tuike his staf and syne past throcht his gardin and quhar that he gat ony chasbollis that greu hie, he straik the heidis fra them vitht his staf, and did no thyng to the litil chasbollis. the messengeir gat nay ansuer be tong fra ald tarquine bot returnit til gabine til his maister sextus tarquinus quha askit ane ansuer of his message. the messenger tald quhou his father send nay ansuer be tong, bot past vp and doune his gardyng vitht his staf cuttand doune the hie chasbollis. than sextus tarquinus kneu veil his fatheris mynd, that his counsel vas to strik of al the hedis of the principal men of the cite of gabine, and than the remanent of the pepil durst nocht reuolt contrar hym. of this sort the nobil cite of gabine vas disauit be flatterye and facilnes of gyffing credit til ane tirrane. sextus tarquinus vsit his father counsel for he <f 75r>distroyit and sleu al the principal lordis of gabine as kyng eduard did to the lordis of scotland at the bernis of ayre. The onfaithful cruel act that kyng henry the aucht vsit contrar yrland and valis quhen he becam ther superiors suld be mirrour and ane exempil til al scotland, for he vsit the samen practik contrar irland and valis as sextus tarquinus exsecut on the cite of gabine, and as kyng eduard exsecutit on the barrons of scotland at the bernis of ayre, for quhou beit that the kyng of ingland nou present be discendet of the blude of valis, zit nochtheles the pepil of valis ar in sic subiectione that thai dar neuer ryde bot iiij to giddir, and als that nane of them sal cum vitht in the mane cuntre of ingland vitht out ane certificat fra the sceref to gar it be knauen that thai hef sum speciale byssynes vitht in ingland. and als ther sal nane that is borne in valis beyr office in valis, nor zit in ingland. and alsa the principal men of valis ar subiect to pas to the veyris in propyr person contrar scotland or contrar France quhen euer thai ar chargit be the kyng of inglandis lettris. Bot at the first apoyntement that vas accordit betuix the kyng of ingland and the lordis of <f 75v>valis he promest them grit liberte quhil he hed resauit the castellis and strynthis of valis, and hed put inglis captans in them. bot incontinent ther efter he gart strik the heidis fra al the lordis of valis, and fra the principal barronis. and syklik to spek of irland, quhen the kyng of ingland vas accordit vitht the lordis of irland and that he hed resauit ane certan of castellis and sum of the principal tounis, than ane lang tyme eftir he tretit the lordis of irland vitht fayr vordis and gef them riche gyftis, quhil he be his subtilite gart tuelf of them cum to london, quha cam at his command be cause thai dreid na cruelte. than incontynent he gart strik the hedis fra the said tuelf lordis of irland. and sen sine al the irland men ar sklauis til hym excepand ane certan that kepis them sel on the strait montanis of irland, quhilkis vil nocht obeye to his tyrranye for thai hed rather remane in cald and hunger in the vyild forestis ande hillis at there liberte, nor for to be in his captiuite to be hangit and hedit as he hes dune causles til mony vthyr innocent men. The extortione that the kyngis of ingland hes dune to zour predecessours is manifest to zou al. the chroniklis <f76r>makis manifest quhou that kyng eduard eftir that he hed ouer run al zour cuntre and hed brocht al the pepil til extreme captiuite, quhar for compulsione and necessite causit them til obeye and to mak homage til ingland. than the craulte of this said kyng eduard nocht satesfet nor saceat, he brocht fra ingland ane hundretht thousand men, and als he brotht ane freir vitht hym callit conraldus the quhilk freir hed commissione to mak ane chronikil of the actis that kyng eduard and his hundretht tousand men suld do in scotland. this said grit armye of ingland beand befor bannochtburne, kyng eduard maid ane perlement vitht in his camp vitht ane certan of statutis & ordinance quhilk vas put in vryit be the said freir This vas the tenor of the said ordinance. in the fyrst he ordand thre vaupynschauyngis to be maid al on ane day in scotland be scottis men in thre of the farrest placis of scotland, as in til the marse, in gallouaye, and in the northt of scotlande and at thay vappynschauyngis, al the vaupynis and armour of scotland to be delyuerit to the inglismen to be kepit in castellis quhil on to the tyme that the kyng of ingland intend to mak veir aganis vthyr <f 76v>cuntres. the nixt statut he ordand that na scottis man suld veyr na vaupyn bot ane knif of fife inche of lyntht vithtout ane point. in the thrid statut he ordand that na scottis man suld duel in ane house that vas loftit bot rather in ane litil cot house. in the ferd he ordand that na scottis man suld veir ony clais bot hardyn cotis, in the fyft artikle he ordand that the scottis men of scotland suld be partit in thre partis, the first part suld remane in scotland to laubeir the cornis on the grond. the sycond part suld be send in ingland to be seruandis to laubyr thair grond, and the thrid part of them of the best lyik men, suld be banest fra scotland and to hef ane lecens to pas in ony straynge cuntre to seik ther gude auenture. This cruel ordinance vas maid in the kyng of ingland campt befor bannothtburne, he beleifit at that tyme that al vas his auen. than god almythty quhilk beheld his pryde and arrogance and his onmerciful intent, he valknyt vitht his spreit the hartis of the nobil men of scotland the quhilkis in ane feu numer cam vitht ane hardy curage contrar kyng eduard and sleu thretty thousand of his men, and chaissit hym self thre scoir of mylis vitht in ingland <f 77r>And in ther returnyng hamuart thai vaistit and byrnt northt humyrland and mony vthir plaicis of ingland. this battel vas fochtyn at bannothburne as the inglis croniklis rehersis mair large. then quhan the tentis pailzons & spoulze of the inglis armye vas tane & gaddrit vp be scottis men, thai gat the forsaid inglis freir conraldus vithtin kyng eduardis tent, & als thai gat thyr forsaid artiklis & ordinance quhilk the inglismen purposit to execut on the scottis men, bot inglismen tuik nocht god to be their cheiftane, bot rather vsit there auen arrogant mynde therfor their gryt pouer hed na grace to fulfil ther entreprice. this exempil is vondir probabil that inglismen vil vse this samyn crualte on zou al, gif sa beis that ze cum subiect to them. ze knau that thir tuelf hundretht zeirs thai leit zou neuyr hef pace xvi zeir to giddir, bot zit ther tyrranye redondit aye to their auen dishonestye and domage. and quhou beit at sum tyme zour cuntre gat grit skaytht be them, sic thing suld nocht gar zou tyne zour curagis for the chancis of veir ar nocht certan to na party, al thir vordis befor said ar rehersit to that effect that zour facilnes be nocht sedusit be ther astuce and subtil persuasions. Titus <f 77v>liuius rehersis ane exempil in his nynt beuk conformand to this samyn purpos, quhilk vas eftir the fundatione of rome 420 zeris at that tyme their vas in rome tua consulis, ane callit titus viterius and the tothyr callis spurnius posthunius, quha var committit to be cheiffis and captans of the armye of the romans to pas contrar the samnetis, quhilkis hed maid mortal veyr thertty zeir to giddir contrar rome. the captan of the samnetis vas callit pontius, quhilk vas the sone of ane vailzeant man callit hereneus, quha vas exempit fra the veyris and fra the gouernyng of the public veil, be raison of his grit aige. The grit armye of the samnites campit them secretly besyde ane place callit furce caudide, the quhilk place hed ane narrou entres & narrou isching and vitht in it, their vas mony cragis and vyild treis. that place stude betuix tua strait montanis inhabitabil and onmontabil. In the myddis of it their vas ane large grene plane feild. than quhen the samnetis var their logit and campit, thai var aduertist be ther exploratours and spyis quhou that the romans var campit neir them in ane place callit calacia. than pontius the captan of the samnetis causit ten of his <f 78r>knychtis to cleitht them lyik hyrdis, and he gef them cattel nolt ande scheip to keip, giffand them command to pas vitht tha cattel on the feildis be syde the romans, and ilk ane in ane syndry part be hym self, sayand to them, gif ony of the romans cumis and inquiris at ony of zou, quhair our armye is campit, ze sal ansuer that ve ar past to apuilya to gif ane assalt to the cite of lucere, quhilk partenis to the romans than thir neu maid hyrdis past vitht bestial, quhar thai var recontrit be the forreours and exploratours of the romanis, quha led them al ten befor the tua consulis that var captans to the romans. quhen thir ten hyrdis var exemnit seueralie ilk ane be hym self quhar the samnete armye vas campit. thai ansuerit as ther captan pontius hed giffin them command, to the quhilk vordis the romans gef credit, be rason that thai al beand ane be ane examinit condiscendit in ane ansuer. than the romans heffand sic ane feruent loue to the cite of lucere, quhilk vas of their anciant alya, thai raisit ther camp to pas to reskeu lucere fra the samnetes. ther vas tua passagis to pas betuix the romans camp and lucere, the first passage vas plane and plesand be the see syde, <f 78v>bot it vas ouer lang about, the nixt passage vas ful of roche cragis and verray strait and narou, bot zit that passage vas verray schort. than the romans for haist that tha hed to saif that cite of lutere, thai tuke that narrou strait passage, and quhen thai var entrit in it the samnetes be grit subtilite hed gart cut doun grit treis & brac doune roche cragis quhilkis thai pat in grit numer at the entres and at the ischyng furtht of that strait passage, and als thai set mony of ther men of veir amang the cragis to empesche the romans that thai culd nothir returne nor zit to pas forduart. quhen the romans var disauit of this sort, thai var lykly to dispayr for the displesier and melancole that affligit them, bot the samnetes var ondir glaid fra tyme that thai hed the romans in that pundfald quhar thai culd nothir fecht nor fle, deffend nor resist, bot on verray neid thai behuffit to remane vencust vitht out straik or battel. the samnetes beand in this grit blythtnes be cause of ther happy chance, thai determit to send ane message til ald herenius quha vas the father of ther captan pontius til hef his opinione and consel quhou thai suld vse them contrar the romanis, that thai hed closit vithtin <f 79r>them. this ald herenius send his ansuer and consel, and bald the samnetes gyf the romans ther fre liberte to pas hame saue vitht out hurt of ther honour bodys or guidis. the armye of the samnetes nocht beand satesfit nor contentit of this ansuer of herenius. thai send the messenger agane til hym til hef ane bettir consel. than ald herenius send ane vthir ansuer and bald them slaye al the romans and nocht to lat ane of them return vitht ther lyif, quhen the samnetes herd the tua discordabil consellis of herenius, thai culd nocht meruel aneucht of his onconstant ansuer quhar for pontius his sone suspekit that his father dottit in folie throcht his grit aige, zit noththeles he vald nocht conclude na exsecutione contrar the romans quhil he hed spokyn vitht his father, therfor vitht the consent of the samneties he send for his father to cum to their camp. quha cam at his command, in ane charriot be cause he mytht nothir ryde nor gang be cause he vas decrepit for aige. he beand aryuit his sone pontius sperit quhou he suld vse hym contrar the romans that var inclosit betuix the tua strait montans. the ald herynyus changit nocht his tua fyrst consellis that he hed send to them bot zit he declarit <f 79v>to them the cause of thyr tua defferent consellis sayand. my sone pontius and ze my frendis of samnete, the first consel that i send to zou the quhilk i think for the best, that is to say i consellit zou to thole al the romans and ther guidis depart saifly in liberte but ony hurt or displeseir, than throtht that grit benefice that ze hef schauen to them, of ther free vil & vitht ane guide mynde, thai vil allaya them vitht zou quhilk sal cause ferme and perpetual pace to be betuix rome and samnete, the tothir consel that i send to zou i ordand zou to slay doune al the romans and nocht to saif ane of them, for than it sal be ane lang tyme or the romans can purches sa grit ane armye contrar zou. & sa ze maye lyif in pace and surete ane lang tyme considerand that the grit pouer and the maist nobilis of rome ar in this present armye inclosit to giddir. ane of thir tua consellis is necessar to be vsit, and the thrid consel can nocht be gifin to zou for zour veilfair. than pontius and the princis of samnete nocht beand contentit of thir tua consellis, inquyrit at ald herenyus sayand. ve think it bettir to tak ane myd vaye betuix vs and them to saif their lyiffis and to resaif them as vencust pepil and ther eftir ve <f 80r>sal mak strait lauis and ordinance quhilk ve sal compel them til obeye. ald herynyus ansuert. that sentens says he purchessis na frendis nor it makis na reconsiliatione of enemes, therfor ze suld animaduert varly to quhat pepil that ze purpos to vse sic iniurius rigor, for se knau the nature of the roman pepil is of sic ane sort, that gif thai resaif oultrage and beis vencust be rigor be zou, thai can neuer hef rest in ther spreit quhil that thai heif reuengit zour crualte, for thai ar of ane vendicatife nature, and the displeseir that thai sal resaif be zou sal euer remane in their hartis quhil thai hef reuengit the iniurius defame that ze haue perpetrat contrar them. thyr tua sentensis of herynyus var repulsit and nocht admittit, therfor he departit and returnit in his chariot to samnite to end the residu of his days. the romans heand inclosit betuix thir tua montans thai purposit mony maneyrs to ische furtht fra that strait place & to pas to fecht in fair battel contrar the samnetes, bot al ther laubyr vas in vane, for thai var sa strait closit that thai culd nothir pas bakuart nor forduart than thai send ther legatis to desire concord and pace at the samneties or els to desire battel on the plane feildis. pontius <f 80v> ansuert to the legatis of the romans, quod he the battel is fochtyn al reddy, & quhou beit that ze ar al vencust zit none of zou vil confesse zour euil fortoune ther for ve gif zou for ane final ansuer that al zour armye sal be spulzit of zour armour and of zour clais except ilk ane sa hef ane singil coit on zou, & ther eftir ve sal put zour cragis in ane zoik to be ane perpetual takyn that ze ar vencust be vs, and alsa ze sal delyuer til us the villagis castellis and vthir placis the quhilkis zour predecessours conquest fra vs in ald tymis, and alsa ze sal lyif and obeye til our lauis. and gif this ansuer vil nocht content the romans, i gif zou expres charge that ze returne nocht heir agane. the legatis of the romans returnit to the camp of the romans vitht the ansuer of pontius the quhilk ansuer did mair displeseir to the romans nor that pontius ansuer hed been to sla them al cruelle, for in ald tymes ther culd nocht be ane gritar defame nor quhen ane mannis crag vas put in the zoik be his enemye, for that defame and punitione vas haldin mair abhominabil and vile nor the punitione that trespassours indurit in the galeis for demeritis. bot zit ther vas no remeid to saif the romans, therfor extreme <f 81r>necessite vas resauit for vertu. than throcht the counsel of ane nobil romane callit lucius lentulus thai condiscendit to cheis the leyst of tua euillis and til indure that vile punitione rather nor til hef been cruelly slane. than the cruel samnetes ordand the instrument of the zoik of this sort as i sal rehers ther vas tua speyris set fast in the eyrd, and ane vthir speyr set & bundyn athort betuix the tua speyris that stude vp fra the eyrd lyik ane gallus, than the desolat and vencust romans var constrenzet to pas vndir that zoik ane and ane, bot the tua consellaris quhilkis var captans to the romans thai var compellit to pas fyrst vndir that zoik vitht out their harnes or vaupynnis, than the remanent of the romans follouit ilk ane eftir his auen degre. on euerye syde of this zoik ther vas ane legione of the armye of samnetes vitht ther sourdis drauen in ther handis quhar thai manneist and scornit the sillie romans that var in that gryt vile perplexite. O ze my thre sonnis, this defame and vile punitione of the samnites perpetrat contrar the romans, vas verray cruel, bot doubtles, thai that ar participant of the cruel inuasione of inglis men contrar their natyue cuntreye, ther craggis <f 81v>sal be put in ane mair strait zoik nor the samnetes did to the romans, as kyng eduard did til scottis men at the blac parlament at the bernis of ayr quhen he gart put the craggis of sexten scoir in faldomis of cordis tua and tua ouer ane balk of the maist principal of them that adherit til hym in his oniust querrel quhen he vrangusle brotht mekil of scotland in his subiectione. this protector of ingland purposit til vse this samyn crualte in the zeir of god ane thousand fyfe hundretht fourty seuyn zeris in the monetht of marche quhen the vardan of the vest marchis of ingland cam to hald ane vardan court on the vest marchis of scotland vitht in the schirefdome of galloua as scotland hed been in pacebil subiectione to the crone of ingland, bot as god vald the maister of maxuel the lard of drumlanrik and diuerse vthir nobil barronis and gentil men cam vitht ane hie curage contrar the inglismen, quhome thai venquest vailzeantlye, and sleu ane grit part of them and tuke ane vthir part of them presoners, and chaissit the thrid part of them ten myle vithtin ingland, and ther eftir the barronis & gentil men of oure vest cuntre gat the inglismens spulze vitht in the quhilk <f 82r>spulze thai gat tua barrellis ful of cordis and euerie cord bot ane faldome of lyncht vitht ane loupe on the end al reddy maid quhilk thai ordant til hef hangit sa mony scottis men as thai purposit til hef venquest at that iournay. Than to quhat effect suld ony scottis men gif credens or til adhere til inglesmen. our croniklis rehersis of diuerse scottis men of al staittis that hes past in ingland sum hes past for pouerte and sum hes past in hope to lyue at mair eyse and liberte nor thai did in scotland and sum hes been denunsit rebellis be the authorite quhilk vas occasione that thai past in ingland for refuge quhom the kyngis of ingland hes resauit fameliarly and hes trettit them and hes gifin them gold and siluir the quhilk he did nothir for piete nor humanite bot rather that thai suld help to distroye there auen natif cuntre, bot zit he vald neuer gif them heretage nor credit, for the experiens of the samyn is manifest presentlye. for quhou beit that there be abufe thre thousand scottis men and there vyfis and childir that hes duellit in ingland thir fyftye zeir by past, and hes conquest be there industre batht heretage and guidis, zit nocht ane of them dar grant that thai ar <f 82v>scottis men, bot rather thai man deny and refuse there cuntre, there surname, and kyn & frendis, for the scottis men that duellis in the southt part of ingland thai suere and mentemis that thai var borne in the northt part or in the vest part of ingland, and scottis men that duellis in the vest or in the northt of ingland, thai man suere and menteme that thai var borne in kynt schire zoirke schire in london or in sum vthir part of the southt partis of ingland: than to quhat effect suld ony scottis men adhere til inglis men to gar them selfis be cum sklauis and to remane in perpetual seruitude, ther for ve may verray veil beleif that quhou beit that the kyng of ingland garris tret scottis men vitht gold and siluer as thai var his frendis zit doutles he vald be rytht glaid sa that euerye scottis man hed ane vthyr scottis man in his bellye. and als fra tyme that god sendis tranquilite amang princis, thai that ar maist familiar vitht the protector sal be haldin maist odius in ingland and euerye inglis knaif sal cal them dispytfully renegat scottis and gif ony of them passis to the protector to regret and lament the abstractione of his familiarite that he scheu to them in the begynnyng of the veyris, <f 83r>he vil ansuer to them as agustus cesar ansuerit til ane captan of thrace callit rhymirales qua betrasit his maister anthonius & past to remane vitht agustus cesar quha vas mortal enemye til anthonius, than be the supple of rhymirales, agustus cesar vequest antonius. than quhen the veyris var endit betuix cesar and antonius rhymirales vas nocht sa veil trettit as he vas indurand the tyme of the veyris quhar for he past til cesar sayand. O nobil empriour i hef left my cuntre and my maister anthonius for zour pleseir and i hef been the cause that ze hef venquest my maister anthonius & nou ze schau me nocht sa grit loue and familiarte as ze scheu me in the tyme of the veyris quharfor ze haif schauen zou rycht ingrat contrar me. Cesar ansuerit to rhymirales i vil hef na familiarte vitht zou for i loue bot the trason that cumis to my effect and louis nocht the tratours that committis the trason. this forsaid exempil maye be veil applyit til al scottis men that beleuis to get mair liberte and honor in ingland nor thai did in scotland for this exempil hes been prectykit thir fyfe hundretht zers bygane til al scottis men that hes adherit til inglis men contrar ther natyfe cuntre as the croniklis <f 83v>makis manifest for quhou be it that the kyng of ingland louis the traison that scottis men committis contrar ther prince zit he louis nocht the tratours that committis the traison.

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