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History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia
Chapter XXIX - South West of Margaree


It were difficult to find any country section more typically Scottish than the South West of Margaree. The inhabitants represent a variety of the clans, but all are Scottish in woof and warp. They are hardy, hospitable, kind and canny; and from the elderly portion of them, even at this day, "The Gaelic wimples like a burn." All of them are Catholics, and their elegant church and presbytery stand upon a charming eminence fast by the river near the South West Bridge.

The district is well adapted to agriculture, and contains a goodly number of staunch independent farmers. The main post road leading from Dunevegan to Margaree Forks, and one on the eastern side of the river, running from the Outlet at Scotsville to Margaree Forks, and one on the eastern side from Scotsville to the South West Bridge aforesaid. The river starts from the Lake somewhat slowly, the ground being nearly dead flat for half a mile. All at once, it finds its course and makes "a sudden sally" down the braes.

The braes of this river were immortalized many years ago by the local minstrel, Mr. Malcolm Gillis, in his exquisite melodies entitled "Cnoic's Clinn a Braidh."

All the old settlers everywhere brought with them to this country many of the ways and customs of the parent home. This was always made manifest in the district of South West Margaree. The people there preserved the Gaelic as they did their faith. They also practised the amusements and pastimes of their forbears, such as singing, dancing and Scottish lore. To the mad materialism of today such recreations would appear frivolous. We may have something to say, as to that later on. In the meantime, we are but stating the cold facts of history.

You should have heard "the hills and glens" resounding with the stirring strains of the bagpipes, or the more sweet and subdued renderings of the educated violin. Malcolm Gillis, Teacher, and the late Ronald Macdougall, Angus' son, were two of the best violin players in eastern Nova Scotia. Many were the sad old hearts they made light and glad.

Another quality of the old people here was their unyielding devotion to race and name. They knew the lives of their clans, and held them in sacred memory. They doted on the spirit of their fathers and the prowess of their chieftans. And their Scottish legends!—told with such gusto. When we were a boy (which by the way, was not yesterday) we had a perfect craving for the Scottish legends. Often did we sit for hours, silent as the grave, listening to one of the old men telling these fantastic Scottish stories. They were far more engrossing to our young ears, than Wilson's "Tales of the Borders." By such means the pioneer settlers were wont to chase dull cares away, and give wings to the long winter evenings.

The South West of Margaree was formerly a part of the old parish of Broad Cove whose priests served it as best they could. For many years the veteran shepherds of this flock were Reverend John Grant and Rev. Ronald McGillivray. There are men still living who have a vivid recollection of the powerful Gaelic sermons of the former, and the pungent, practical and always logical discourses of the latter.

We think it was in 1872 the South West was erected and formed into a separate ecclesiastical division. Its first resident pastor was the late Father Joseph McLeod who died there in 1877 at the age of thirty-two. Father Joseph was a pious thoughtful man of uncommon abilities. Men who knew, have told us that he made a capital course in theology. Unfortunately, however, he studied so hard that his health was fatally strained. His first charge was that of a curate for the late Bishop Cameron at Arichat. Some of the finest sermons we ever listened to were preached in Arichat by Father Joseph MacLeod His ill-health and early death were a distinct public loss to this diocese.

After the death of Father Joseph MacLeod came the present venerable incumbent, Father Finlay Chisholm, than whom no pastor could receive or deserve more sincere parochial love. His tenure of service here has now exceeded forty years, and all the time "he was going about doing good." He has given to these people the best that man can give—his life. There shall be no other "Father Finlay."


A family of McDonalds came to this Country from Moidart. Scotland, about the year 1815. They were Allan, familiarly known as "Ailean Mac Ruari" or "Capt. Allan", Donald, James, John and Catherine. Allan took up land at S. W. Margaree, having, on account of his having been a captain in the militia in the old country, obtained a free grant. He married Catherine Smith (daughter of Angus ban Gow) of Broad Cove, also a native of Moidart, with issue: Rory, Alexander, Angus, John, Ann, Mary, Flora, Catherine, Jessie, Mary and Mary Junior.

Catherine married John Collins a native Tipperary, Ireland whose farm joined her brother Allan's, with issue: John, Donald and Alexander.

James and John settled at B. C. Marsh whence John afterwards moved to Codroy, Newfoundland, and Donald remained with his brother Allan till his death. Father Angus R. McDonald, P. P., of Christmas Island is a grandson of James, being a son of Rory, James' son.

Rory (Allan's son) married Mary McLellan (daughter of Donald Mac an tailear) of Broad Cove and went to live at Broad Cove Marsh.

Alexander married Jessie McLellan (Aoghnas mac Sheumais daughter) with issue: John, Allan, Angus, James, Hector (Judge H. Y. McDonald, Regina) Ann, Katie Ann and Maggie (Sister.)

Angus married Mary McFarlane (Malcolm) with issue. John, Allan Angus, Kate, Mary and Jessie.

John married Jessie McFarlane (Malcolm) with issue: John, Catherine, Mary, Sarah and Mary Bell.

Ann married Angus McDonald (Alasdair mor's son) Dunvegan, with issue: Alexander, Donald (Doig), Catherine, Margaret, Mary, Jessie, Ann and Christy.

Flora married Donald McLennan of Chimney Corner, Margaree —the father of Donald McLennan, M. P. P.

Catherine married Alexander McIsaac, Ronald's son, of Broad Cove, and moved with him to Aspy Bay, Victoria Co.

Jessie married Michael Cameron, Dougald's son, Margaree Forks. After her death which occurred when she was comparatively young, her husband and all the family except John, who lives at Margaree Forks, moved to Cape Breton County. The two Marys and Margaret were not married.

About the year 1828 Norman McDonald arrived from Moidart. He married a sister of Donald McDougall (Piper) with issue: Hugh, Angus, Rory, Donald, Martha, Ann, Jane and Mary.

In 1833 Alexander McDonald (Alasdair mac Aoghnais ic Alasdair ic Dhomhuill ic Eoghain) a native of Arisaig, arrived here from Antigonish. He was a cousin of the late John, Alexander and Ann McDonald of Port Hood Mines, and of John (Hector) McDonald of Antigonish Harbour. He was married to Jane Gillis, Gillis' daughter, Upper Margaree.

(For further particulars about their family see sketch of the Gillises).

Among the early settlers at Margaree Forks was Duncan McDonald, son of Donald McDonald, who with a family of seven children immigrated about the year 1828 from the Island of Uist in Scotland, and settled in Arisaig, Antigonish Co.

Shortly after settling in Antigonish, Duncan, the eldest son removed to Margaree and was soon followed by his father, two brothers and one sister. The sister, Nancy, was married to the late Samuel Campbell, Margaree Forks. The son John in partnership with Samuel Campbell carried on mercantile business until his death in early life.

The son Sandy married Isabella, daughter of Thomas Ethridge, Esq., of North East Margaree, by whom he had five children, two of whom died in infancy. Of the other Catherine married the late Miles McDaniel of Margaree Fosk, she died in the winter of 1919. Mary Ann died in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1914.

John, Sandy's son, married a daughter of the late Murdoch McDonald (Brook), N. E. Margaree by whom he had three children - Isabella, Mary and Alexander, all living—the girls in the U. S. A. and Alexander living on a farm at Margaree Forks.

Duncan McDonald, shortly after coming to Margaree secured what is locally known as the Golden Grove farm which was granted to one James Deane in 1791, and changed owners several times before it fell into the hands of one Mowat from whom McDonald got it about the year 1834. This Duncan McDonald married in 1838 or 1839, Jean, eldest daughter of Thomas Ethridge, Esq., and his wife Elizabeth McRae, from whom he had three children, the eldest of whom died in infancy. Thomas who still lives on the farm above referred to married in 1869 Christina, daughter of the late Capt. Thompson of Margaree Harbour. Nine children were born of this union of whom seven are living at the date of this writing, viz; Annie Jane in the United States, Jimmie in Mexico, Ben in Inverness, Thomas in the United States, Duncan, Henry and Dave at home.

Catherine the third child of Duncan McDonald married Henry Y. Taylor of Margaree Harbour and still lives on the old Taylor estate. Duncan McDonald was lost in the winter of 1843.

Sandy was drowned in the Margaree River in the August freshet of 1870.

Mrs. Samuel Campbell was drowned in the Margaree River in the year 1859. She went out one afternoon, in the wane of the winter, to pay a brief visit to her relatives at her old home across the river. She had no fear of the ice, knowing that people had been crossing and recrossing on it for months in safety. Returning, after a happy call on the friend of her younger days, the ice broke near the bank on the homeside, and this superior woman was drowned in sight of her own house. The spring was coming, the snow was running, the waters were rising, the ice was weakening, the danger lurked unseen. One of the constant perils to which the early settlers were subjected was the danger of crossing those large rivers, swift-flowing and unbridged.

"Golden Grove" is one of the finest farms in the County of Inverness.


Donald McLellan—Domhuill mac Aoghnais ic Neil ic Eoghainwho came to this country from Morar about the year 1819 was married to Mary Gillis (neighean Dhomhuill ic Mhartuim). Many of her people settled in Mira, Cape Breton Co. Their family consisted of Donald, Archy, Ronald, Andrew, John and Angus.

Donald, blacksmith and poet, was married to Mary McIsaac of Strathlorne (whither he himself afterwards moved) with issue: Angus John, Donald, Frank, Vincent, Catherine, Ann and two Marys.

Archy married Isabell McLellan (Donald Farquhar) with issue: Angus, John, Allan, Mary, Margaret, Martha, Catherine, Elizabeth Bella, Christy and Mary Ann. All this family left the S.W. Margaree Years ago, and nearly all located in the United States.

Ronald married Christy McFarlane, with issue: John, Donald, Archy, Angus, Allan, Mary, Catherine, Margaret, Jessie and Ann.

Andrew married Mary Gillis (Peter) with issue: Peter, Ronald, Hugh, Donald, Angus, John, Ronald Jr., Mary, Ann, Catherin, Elizabeth, Margaret and Mary Ann.

John and Angus went to the United States when quite young.

About the same time John, Allan, Angus McLellan (Malcolm's sons) and their sister Mary came from Morar, and settled at S. W. Margaree.

John married Catherine McFarlane (neighean lain ic Dhughuill) from Margaree Harbour with issue: Malcolm, John, Archy, Dougald, Angus, two Marys, Catherine, Sarah, Margaret, Isabella, Ann, Jessie and Flora.

Malcolm married Mary Gillis (James) with issue: John, James, Joseph, Simon, Peter, Mary Ann, Kate, Flora, Annie, Isabella and Mary Jessie.

John, Malcolm's brother, married Margaret Gillis (John Peter) with issue: John, Archy, Hugh, Dougald, Angus, Peter, Allan, John Jr., Flora, Catherine, Mary and Christy.

Angus married Mary Chisholm (Wm.) No issue.

Sarah married Malcolm McFarlane (his second marriage) with issue: Dougald, Archy, Angus, Patrick, John, James, Catherine, Margaret, Ann and Mary.

Isabella married Donald McCormick, West Lake Ainslie. No issue.

Ann married Ronald McLellan (B. S.) with issue: Donald, John, Angus, Archy, Mary, Catherin, Flora, Jessie, Bella, Cecily and Mary Ann.

Jessie married James Gillis (Og) with issue: John, Alex, Katie Ann and Mary Flora.

Mary Junior married Alexander McDonald, West Lake Ainslie, and had a large family.

The rest of the family are unmarried.

Allan (Malcolm's son) married Mary Smith (Angus Gow) Broad Cove with issue: Angus, Malcolm, Sarah, Catherine, Mary, Flora and Jessie.

Angus married Mary McFarlane with issue: John, Archy, Allan, Hugh, Angus, Peter, Mary, Jessie, Catherine, Christy, Maggie Bell and Katie Ann.

Malcolm married Mary McDonald. No issue.

Sarah married Donald Gillis (Bridge) with issue: Angus, John, James, McDonald, Allan, Malcolm, Mary and Maggie.

Mary married Donald Gillis (Peter) with issue: Peter, John, Allan, Mary, Catherine, Ann and Jessie.

Jessie married John McFarlane (John's son) with issue: John C., Allan, Mary, Ann, Jessie, Christy, Agnes and Katie.

Catherine and Flora unmarried.

Angus (Malcolm's son) married Catherine Gillis, a sister of Angus Gillis (Malcolm) wife, with issue: Donald, Malcolm, John, Mary, Catherine and Sarah.

Donald married Isabella McFarlane (Malcolm) with issue: John, Simon, Alexander and Catherine.

Malcolm married Catherine McLeod (Duncan) Dunvegan, with issue: John, Donald and Duncan.

Mary married Malcolm McLellan Rory (his first marriage) with issue: John, Angus, Donald, Andrew, James, Mary and Catherine.

Catherine married Angus Gillis (Peter) with issue: Peter, Hugh, John, Angus, Donald, Catherine, Margaret and Mary. John and Sarah unmarried.

Mary (Malcolm's daughter) married James McDonald a native of England, who settled at Rear South West Margaree. They had a family of two, Malcolm and Susanna.

Malcolm McDonald married Helen Coady, daughter of James Coady (Miramichi) with issue: James, Peter and Mary, and others who died young.

•Susannah married Donald McLean a native of Arisaig with issue: John, James, Archy, Angus, Mary, Catherine, Isabella, Annie, Flora Christina and Jessie.

This family moved to Asphy Bay, Victoria County in the year?

In the year 1843 John McLellan (lain mor mac Dhomhuill ic Aoghnais) and his sister Catherine (Ban) arrived from Morar, and settled at Upper Margaree.

John married in Scotland Mary Gillis, niece of Col. Gillis of Ken-loch Morar, with issue: Duncan, Donald, Alexander, Angus, John, Ronald, Archy, Catherine and Ann.

Duncan married Mary McLellan, (Alex, New Brunswick,) and moved with his family to Glace Bay.

John married Mary, daughter of Hugh McLean. His family moved to Cape Breton Co.

Alexander married Elizabeth McLellan with issue: John, Donald, Duncan, Archy, Mary Ann, Christy, Annie, Margaret, Maggie, Esther, and Cassie.

The rest of the family did not marry.

Catherine married Andrew McLellan (mason) Egypt, with issue: John, Donald, Dan, Archy, Margaret, Ann, Mary, Christy and Catherine.

In the same year another Morar man arrived—Donald McLellan (Cooper) a nephew of Mairi nighean lain ic Dhomhuill (See sketch of McDougalls).

He married in Scotland Flora McDonnell (Allan) with issue: Angus and Ann. (This Flora McDonnell had a sister—Isabella married to Angus Gillis (mac lain) Rear Broad Cove.

About the year 1828 Rory McLellan, a native of Eigg, Scotland, came here from Judique and settled at Upper Margaree. He was married to Catherine Gillis, a half sister to Archy McFarlane's wife, with issue: Donald, Malcolm, John, Hugh, Ronald, Andrew, Angus, James, Christy, Mary and Catherine.

Donald married Flora Gillis (Archy Ban's daughter) with issue: Donald, Archy, John, Hugh, Andrew, Rory, Ann and Mary.

Malcolm married first Mary McLellan with issue: John, Angus, Donald, Andrew, James, Mary and Catherine. The second wife was Catherine Gillis. No issue.

John married Flora Stewart with issue: Andrew, Alexander, Donald, Hugh, Christy, Mary, Margaret, Mary (Og), Catherine and Christy Jr.

Ronald married Ann McLellan (John Malcolm) with issue: Donald, John, Angus, Mary, Catherine, Flora, Jessie, Bella, Cecily and Mary Ann.

Andrew married Catherine McLellan (Big John) with issue: Donald, Dan, John, Archy, Margaret, Ann, Mary, Christy and Catherine.

James married Margaret Stewart with issue: Rory, Malcolm, John, Donald, Angus, Catherine. The rest unmarried.

In 1838 there arrived from New Brunswick Farquhar McLellan and his cousin Alexander McLellan, natives of Morar, and settled at Upper Margaree. Alexander McLellan married Ann McLellan (Fargr.) with issue: John, Farquhar, Mary, Ann, Sarah and Catherine.

Farquhar McLellan married Sarah McDonald a native of Knoydart, Scotland, with issue: Archy Angus, Donald, Alexander, John, Neil, John Jr., Mary, Ann, Jane, Margaret and Kate. One of Archy's sons Dan by his wife—Ann McDougall, Donald piper's daughter—was killed in the world war 1914-1918.

Between 1821 and 1825 another batch of McLellans arrived from Morar, Scotland. They were Alexander McLellan (Ban) Donald McLellan (Farquhar) and Donald McLellan (red John's son.)

Alexander McLellan married Margaret Cameron, daughter of Archibald Cameron, Margaree Forks, with issue: John, Archy, Michael, Donald, Angus, Catherine, Ann and Mary.

Archy married Mary McLeod (Duncan) Dunvegan, with issue: Michael, Rory, Francis, Alexander, John, Duncan, Margaret, Catherine, Elizabeth, Christy, Mary Ann and Agnes.

Angus married Catherine McLellan (Andrew) with issue: Donald Angus, Alexander, Michael, Maggie and Catherine.

Catherine married John McLeod (Ban) St. Rose. The rest of the family remained single. Neil McLellan (Ban) and Angus McLellan Rear Broad Cove and Donald of Glenville were brothers of this Alexander Ban, and Ronald McDonnell's second wife (Upper Margaree) was a sister.

Donald McLellan (Farquhar) was married first to Mary Gillis, Morar, with issue: Hugh, who lived at Dunvegan, Mary, who was married to Duncan Gillis, Upper Margaree, Isabella, who was married to Archy McLellan (Donald's son) S. W. Margaree, Ann, Maggie, Angus and John. He was married the second time to a McDonnell woman from West Lake Ainslie, a sister of Angus McFarlane's wife, Upper Margaree. His second family removed to Cape Breton Co. long ago.

Donald McLellan (red. John's son) was married first to a daughter of Hugh McDougall, B. C. Marsh, with issue one son, John, who lived latterly at Dunvegan.

His second wife was Catherine, daughter of Donald McLellan (Ban) Dunvegan, with issue:, Angus, Hugh, Donald, Mary, Sarah, Ann and Flora.

In 1836 Donald McLellan, a nephew of Alexander McLellan (Ban) settled at Mount Pleasant, Upper Margaree, He was married to Ann McDonald, a sister of William McDonald, who lived at Rear B. C. Chapel, with issue: John, Alexander, Archy, Ronald, Charlie, Margaret, Mary and Elizabeth.

Alexander married Margaret McDougall (Duncan) with issue John, John Donald and Hugh, Mary Ann, Margaret, Jessie, Ann, Sister St. Francis de sales and Catherine. Elizabeth married Alexander McLellan Tailor (Big John's son) with issue: John, Donald, Duncan, Archy, Mary Ann, Christy, Annie, Margaret, Maggie, Esther and Cassie.

In 1826 James McLellen his wife and his son Angus, and two daughters, uncle and cousins, respectively, of the McLellan brothers, John and Malcolm, the pioneer educationists of Eastern Nova Scotia, as they might have been called, came here from Morar. He was married to Ann McDonald (Anna neigh'n Raghail). The daughters married James McDonald and Angus Gillis, Salmon River, Cape Breton Co. This James McLellan was also the paternal uncle of the wife of John McLellan, big, Jain mac Aoghnais ic Neil) who lived at Rear Broad Cove, of the mother of Angus McDougall's wife, S.W. Margaree, and of the mother of John McLellan's wife, Deepdale, (John the miller). He was also the maternal uncle of Alexander Gillis (mac Iainic Alasdair) and of red John, Angus, James, Ann, wife of James Gillis, and Catherine wife of Malcolm' McFarlane, brothers and sisters respectively of Alexander above mentioned, and the grand uncle of William Gillis, Little Mabou.

Angus, James son, married Catherine McKinnon daughter of Donald McKinnon (mac Eoghain) of Deepdale, with issue: Allan, James, Hector, Jessie, Ann, Catherine and Mary.

Allan married Mary McLellan (Ronald's daughter) of S. W. Margaree with issue: John, Angus, Maggie Ann, Christy and Mary Bell.

Jessie married Alexander McDonald (Capt. Allan) with issue: John, Allan, Angus, James, and Hector, the last named being Hon. H. Y. McDonald, Judge of the Superior Court, Regina, Sask. Ann, Katie Ann and Maggie (Sister St. Alexander.)

Ann married Duncan McDonald (Donnachadh Alasdair ic Aoghnais) his first wife, with issue: one son, John, who resides in the United States.

Catherine married John McDonald (Ian mac Ian ic Raonuill Broad Cove Chapel, with issue: James, Annie, Margaret and Catherine.

Mary married Angus McDonald (tailor) S. W. Margaree. No issue.


In 1826 Ronald McDonnell (Ban) and his brother Angus arrived from Morar.

Ronald was married to Mrs. Ann Gillis, widow of James Gillis, Martin's son, and a sister of Alexander McLellan (Ban) S.W. Margaree, and of Neil McLellan (Ban) B. Cove et al.

His family consisted of Donald, Allan, Alexander, John, James, Neil, Archy, Ann and Catherine, the most of them born in Scotland.

Donald (Ronald's son) married Mary daughter of Hugh McIsaac with issue: Alexander, John, Ronald, Hugh, James, Ann, Penelope and Catherine.

Allan married Margaret Gillis (Gillis' daughter) with issue: Alex, James, Neil, Mary, Ann, Catherine, Margaret and Jessie.

Alexander married Ann McLellan (Red John's daughter) Glenville, with issue: James, Ronald, John, Flora, Margaret, Catherine, Katie Ann, Mary, Ann and Jessie.

Archy married Catherine Gillis (Alasdair mac Iain's daughter) with issue: John, Ronald, Neil, Simon, John Alex, James, Catherine, Mary, Jessie and Flora.

Ann married John Gillis (mac Aoghnais ic Chalum) with issue: James, Angus W., John and Mary Ann.

Catherine married Donald McEachern (mac Ian Bhain) B. Cove with issue: John, Alexander, Hugh, James, Ronald, Margaret, Catherine, Flora and Katie.

John and Neil went to the United States when quite young and James died at home.

Angus (Ronald's brother) McDonnell, married Isabella Gillis (nighean Dhomhuill ic Ian ic Uilleam) with issue: Archy, Donald, Flora, Margaret, Ann, Catherine, Mary, Sarah, Martha and Isabella.

Archy married Margaret McFarlane Angus' daughter, Upper Margaree, and went to live in Port Hood.

Donald married Mary Ann McFarlane, a sister of Archy's wife with issue: Alexander, Angus, Duncan, James, John A., Malcolm, Isabella, Annie, Catherine, and Flora married Malcoom Gillis (Peter) No issue. Margaret married Hugh Gillis (mac Aoghnais ic Eoghain) with issue: Alexander, James, Mary, Ann, Catherine, Jane, Margaret, Isabella, (a sister of Charity) and Flora.

Isabella married John G. McLeod (being his first wife,) with no issue.

In 1838 Rory McDonnell (Ban) a native of Moror, came here from New Brunswick where he spent a few years. Two of his brothers—John and Angus—settled at West Lake Ainslie where some of John's descendants still live.

Rory married first a daughter of John McLellan (Ian mac Neil) sister of Donald McLellan, Esq., of Glenville with issue: Ronald and Mary and Ann.

Ronald married Kate McLellan (daughter of Ian mac Fhearchair) Broad Cove, and moved to Cape Breton Co.

Ann married Hector McKinnon. No issue.

Mary was married to John McInnes (mason) from Judique, who lived for some time at Upper Margaree, whence he removed, with his family to P. E. Island.

Rory (Ban's) second wife was Jessie McDonald (Lee) with issue: Allan, Angus, John, Alexander, Ann, Jessie, Catherine, Mary Ann, Margaret and Elizabeth.

Angus and Allan moved to Cape Breton Co. many years ago.

In the year 1826 James McDonnell (Ban) and his wife arrived from Moror and settled in Broad Cove, Inverness Co., for a number of years, subsequently removing to near Scotch Hill, Margaree, where he carried on mercantile business for a time. His father was a. native of Glengarry, Scotland, and his mother was Jessie Gillis, an aunt of the late Alexander Gillis (Mac Ian) South West Margaree.

This James' wife was another Jessie Gillis (Seonaid nighean Dhomhuill ic Ian ic Uileam) a sister of the late Angus McDonnell's wife, S. W. Margaree and others. Their family consisted of John, Charles, Sarah, Jessie, Isabella, Flora and Mary.

John married Ann McFarlane (John).


Between the years 1821-25 there arrived in Margaree the following: Peter Gillis (big), Gillis Gillis and family, Angus and John Gillis (tailor) Archy Gillis, Neil's son and Donald Gillis (Duncan) Dhomhull mac Dhumachaich oig, all natives of Moror, Scotland.

Peter Gillis was married to, (first) Ann McLellan (Anna Dhomhuill ic Fhearchair) a grand aunt of Donald McDonnell (Big Allan) Port Hood, with issue; John and Ann. John married Ann McFarlane with issue: John, Hugh, Peter, Angus, Donald, Archy, James, Mary, Margaret (Mrs. McLellan) Jessie and Isabella. Angus, Archy and James were successful building contractors in Colorado and other Western points.

Ann married Donald Gillis of South West Port Hood with issue: Hugh, Archy, Peter, Mary (Mrs. John McLellan, Dunvegan) and Margaret (Mrs. John Gillis), St. Rose.

Peter Gillis' second wife was Mary McLellan (Farquhar) Broad Cove, with issue: Hugh, Malcolm, Donald, Angus, Ronald, Margaret Mary and Ann.

Hugh married Mary McIsaac, no issue: Malcolm married Mary McLellan (Allan's daughter) with issue: Peter, John, Allan, Mary, Catherine, Ann and Jessie.

Angus married Catherine McLellan with issue: Peter, Hugh, Angus, John, Donald, Catherine, Margaret and Mary. Most of this family went to the United States years ago.

Ronald married Margaret Gillis (red John's daughter) Broad Cove, with issue: Alexander, John Angus, Mary and Catherine.

Mary married Andrew McLellan, with issue: Peter, Ronald, Hugh, Donald, Angus, John, Ronald Jr., Mary, Ann, Catherine.

Mary married Andrew McLellan; with issue: Peter, Ronald, Hugh Donald, Angus, John, Ronald Jr., Mary, Ann, Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret and Mary Ann. Peter McLellan, above, mentioned, was among the first if not the very first of Inverness' sons to secure Grade A. He studied Law but died shortly before his course was finished.

Ann married Hugh Gillis, mason with issue: Peter, Donald, Alexander, Duncan, John, Hugh, Mary and Catherine.

Margaret married John McLeod with issue: Peter and John.

Gillis Gillis was married first to Jane Cameron, a near relative of the Camerons of South River, Antigonish, with issue Duncan who lived and died in East Bay, C. B., and Jane who married Alex McDonald, Glen, Up. Margaree, with issue: Hugh, John, Alex, Dougald, Duncan, Charles, Angus, Mary, Christy and Jane.

Hugh who married in Antigonish, lived at Malignant Cove, and had a family. John Married Ann McIsaac with issue: James, John, Angus, Mary, Catherine, Ann and Jane.

Alexander married Nancy McIsaac, no issue. Dougald married Flora McLellan, no issue. Duncan married first Ann McLellan, with issue, one son, John. He was married the second time to Jessie McFarlane of Margaree Harbour, with issue: Alex, Rory, James, John, Donald, Hugh and Duncan and Jane.

Charles married Christy McLellan (James Ban) and moved to Antigonish where he lived and had a family. Angus married Mary McLellan, no issue.

Mary, Christy and Jane were married to Hugh Gillis (his second wife) Rory McIsaac and Angus McDougall, respectively.

Gillis Gillis married the second time Catherine McLellan, daughter of Donald McLellan (Domhull mac Aoghnais ic Neil ic Eoghain) with issue: Archy, James, John, Ronald, Margaret, Ann and Mary.

Archy married Margaret McLellan, daughter of Neil (Ban) McLellan of Broad Cove, with issue: John, Duncan, Angus, Gillis Margaret, Flora, Ann, Mary, Catherine and Isabella.

James married Mary Jamieson of Broad Cove with issue: John Duncan, Archy, Gillis, Angus, Mary, Catherine, Jessie, Isabella, Ann Christy, Sarah, Martha, Flora and two Margarets.

Ronald, unmarried.

Margaret married Annan McDonnell with issue: Alex James, Neil, Mary, Ann, Margaret, Catherine and Jessie.

Ann married James Gillis (drover) Gillis' Lake, East Bay, with issue: one son Gillis.

Mary, unmarried.

Angus Gillis (Malcolm) was married to Margaret Gillis with issue: John, Hugh, Duncan, Donald, Malcolm and Catherine.

John married Ann McDonnell (Ronald) with issue: James, Angus W., John and Mary Ann.

Hugh married first, Mary Gillis (Aoghnais mac lain) with issue: Angus, Malcolm, Angus Jr., Margaret and Catherine. He was married the second time to Mary McDonald daughter of Alex McDonald, Glen.

Duncan married Catherine Gillis (Donald Duncan) with issue: John, Angus, Mary and Sarah.

Donald married Sarah McLellan (Allan) with issue: Angus, John, Donald, James, Malcolm, Allan, Mary and Margaret.

Catherine married Neil McLellan (mac an tailear) Dunvegan, with issue: John, Archy, Donald, Angus, Alex, James, Martha, Mary Catherine and Margaret.

John Gillis, tailor, married Jessie Gillis, 'a sister of his brother Angus' wife, with issue; Donald, John, Malcolm, Hugh, Mary Ann, Christy and Catherine.

Donald and John married in the States.

Malcolm married Flora McDougall with issue: Donald, John, Angus, Sandy, Duncan, John, Simon, Ann, Catherine and Jessie. Hugh and Mary, unmarried.

Ann married Angus Gillis (Ban,) Judique.

Christy married Donald Gillis, brother of Hugh (mac Aoghnais ic Eoghain) and moved to Ontario. After his death she became the (second) wife of Archy Gillis, Neil's son who also moved to Ontario.

Catherine married John (or Angus) McMillan of Little Judique and also moved to Ontario.

Donald Gillis (Irish) so called because his mother was Irish, was a Morar man who came here from Antigonish about 1830. He was married to an Antigonish woman by the name of Catherine McGillivray, with issue: Hugh, Donald, Angus, John, Gabriel, Duncan, Alexander, Mary, Margaret, Catherine and Penelope.

Hugh married Ann (Gillis Peter) with issue: Peter, Dohald, Alex, John, Duncan, Hugh, Mary and Catherine.

John married Margaret Coady, with issue: Hugh, Angus, Peter, Mary and Catherine.

Margaret married Donald Gillis (Ban).

The other sons went West early in the 70's. The other daughters were unmarried.

Angus Gillis (Hugh) came here from East Bay and settled at Upper Margaree in 1828. He was a brother of Donald and Duncan Gillis of South West Port Hood and of John Gillis (Gobha) Margaree Forks.

This Angus Gillis was married to Jane McLean of Long Point, Judique, an aunt of the Rev. Alexander McLeod, P. P. His family consists of Angus, Duncan, James, Donald, William, Martin, John, Hugh, Mary, Margaret and Nancy who afterwards married James Gillis (Mac lain), who moved to Ontario where he reared a family of sons and daughters.

Mary married Donald McIsaac (miller) of Strathlorne, with issue: John, Angus, James, Allan, Anthony, Stephen and Sarah (Mrs. Kennedy).

Angus, Duncan and James moved to Cape Breton County, Donald went to Ontario. Margaret married John Gillis of Ben Eoin, C. B. William died at home unmarried. Martin, an ecclesiastical student, died in Quebec.

John married a Miss McAulay from Cape Breton Co. James D. a teacher of considerable fame, who is now in Western Canada, is a son.

Hugh married Margaret McDonnell of Broad Cove Road, with issue: Alexander, Angus, James, Mary, Catherine, Ann, Jane, Margaret, Flora and Isabella.

Archy Gillis, Neil's son, lived for some time at Upper Margaree, w hence he moved to Ontario over sixty years ago. A cousin of his—Donald Gillis— also went to Ontario. This Donald's sister —Ann—was married to Richard McCarthy. Another who went to Ontario from Upper Margaree was John Gillis (Mac Eoghain). A number of those emigrants to Ontario died of a fever on the passage.

Donald Gillis (Domhull mac Dhumachaidh oig) was married to Sarah McLellan, daughter of Angus McLellan of Ceann Loch, Morar, with issue: Duncan, Finlay, Angus, Catherine, Mary, Margaret and Rebecca.

Duncan married Mary McLellan (Donald Farquhar) with issue: John, James, Hugh, Donald, Alexander, Ronald, Mary, Margaret, Sarah, Elizabeth and Catherine.

Finlay married Catherine McIsaac (Lauchlin) of Antigonish, with issue: John, Donald, James, Ronald, William, Sarah, Catherine, Ann and Mary Ann.

Angus married Jane McIsaac, a sister of Finlay's wife, with issue: Donald, John, James, Roderick, Lauchlin, Dan, Catherine, Flora, Rebecca, Sarah, Mary and Mary Sarah.

Catherine married Duncan Gillis with issue: John, Angus, Mary and Sarah.

Rebecca married Donald Gillis (Ban), being his first wife, with issue: Archy, John, Donald, Andrew, Angus and Duncan. Mary and Margaret were not married.

Among those who arrived here from Morar in 1826 were John, Angus, Donald and Margaret Gillis.

Angus settled in Glenville, where some of his descendants still live.

John married a sister of John McLennan, Dunvegan, with issue: Archy, John, Donald, Angus, Allan, Duncan, Rory, Alexander, Jane, Mary and Flora.

Rory went to Australia; Allan to New Zealand. Archy, John, Donald and Duncan went to Minnesota. John and his family came back to Strathlorne some years ago.

Angus took up a farm at S. W. Margaree and married Catherine Kennedy, John's daughter of Strathlorne. His family consists of Rory, two Johns, Joseph, Stephen, two Mary Anns, Eliza, Catherine and Jane.

Donald married Ann McMillan, Judique, with issue: Johny James, Hugh, Angus, Donald, Alexander, Ronald and Mary.

John married Mary Gillis (Alex Ban) Egypt, with issue: Donald, John, Dundan, Alexander, Ronald, Mary, Catherine, Ann and Margaret. This family is scattered.

James married Catherine Smith (Peter) Broad Cove, with issue: Donald, John, James, Peter, Christy and Ann—removed to Leominister, Mass.

Donald married Lizzie McDonnell (Rory) Egypt, with issue: Dan, Rory, and John Angus, all dead.

Alexander married Catherine Gillis, John's daughter of Gillisdale, with issue: Donald, John, Allan, Angus, Christy, Bella, Ann, Lizzie and Margaret.

Mary married Donald Gillis, tailor—no issue. The other members of the family unmarried.

James Gillis, teacher, came to this country from Morar in 1826 and settled at S. W. Margaree. He was the son of James (Mac Mhartuim) and of Ann McLellan, a sister of Neil (Ban) McLellan of Broad Cove and of Alex (Ban) McLellan, S. W. Margaree. When James Gillis, Senior died his widow married Ronald (Ban) McDonnell, Glengarry.

James Gillis, Junior, married Ann Gillis, a sister of Alex Gillis (Mac Ian) with issue: James, John, Donald, Duncan, Allan, Mary, Catherine, Margaret and Ann.

Another family of Gillises came also in 1826 from Ardnamurach, Morar. They were Alexander Gillis (Mac Ian ic Alasdair) his brother John (red) Angus and James, and his sisters Ann and Catherine. Three of this family remained in the old country, one of whom, Margaret, was the mother of the late William Gillis, Little Mabou. Alexander and James settled at S. W. Margaree. James subsequently went to Ontario. John and Angus settled at the rear of Broad Cove Chapel where some of John's family still live.

Alexander married in Scotland, his wife being Ann, daughter of Capt. Donald Gillis, (Domhull ban mac Aoghnais ic Dhomhuill) of Stole, North Morar, by his second wife (Capt. Gillis was married three times) with issue: John, Donald, Andrew, Allan, Simon, Ronald, James, Alexander, Mary, Catherine, Ann and Kate.

Andrew, Simon and Ronald removed to the United States, where Simon died unmarried. James died young.

John married Margaret Gillis, South West Port Hood and removed to St. Rose.

Donald married Ann McLeod, Duncan's daughter, Dunvegan, and moved to B. C. Marsh.

Allan married Effie McLeod, Dunvegan, with issue: Simon, Joseph, John, Jessie, Mary Ann, Christy, Catherine, Bridget, Isabella, Katie Agnes, Annie May, Maggie Flora and Sarah Ann.

Angus married Flora Gillis of Dunvegan, with issue: Simon, Donald, Allan, Joseph, James Angus, Mary Ann and Jessie.

Catherine married Archy McDonnell (Ronald) with issue: John, Ronald, John Alexander, Neil, Simon, James, Alexander, Catherine, Mary, Jessie and Flora.

Ann married Angus McDonnell of Upper Margaree and moved to Glace Bay.

Kate married John D. Gillis Upper Margaree. No issue. Mary died unmarried.

Other Morar Gillises who settled at S. W. Margaree were Archy Gillis (Ban) Egypt, John Gillis (mac Racnuill ruaith ic Alasdair) an uncle and cousin, respectively of Alexander Gillis (mac Ian ic Alasdair) and Allan Gillis Ban (Mac Alasdair ic Ian ic Dhugail).

Archy Gillis married Mary Gillis, a sister of John Gillis, tailor's wife, with issue: Alexander, Donald and Duncan, Flora and Catherine.

Alexander married Ann McLellan, Donald's daughter, of Kenloch, Morar, with issue: John, Alexander, Duncan, Donald, Archy, Angus, Duncan Jr., Mary, Sarah, Catherine and Flora.

Donald (Alex's brother) married Rebecca Gillis with issue: Archy, John, Donald, Andrew, Angus and Duncan.

Duncan married Effie Gillis. No issue.

Flora married Donald McLellan (Rory) Egypt, with issue: Donald, Archy, Andrew, John, Hugh, Angus, Rory, Ann and Mary.

Catherine married Malcolm McLellan (Rory) no issue. She was his second wife.

John (Alex's son) married Jessie, daughter of John Gillis (Gillis' son) with issue: John, Alexander, Donald, Alexander Jr., Simon, Joseph, Mary, Margaret and Christy.

Duncan and Alexander went to Minnesota in the early seventies.

Donald married Mary Gillis. No issue. Archy married Sarah Jamieson Godfrey's daughter, Broad Cove, with issue: Neil, John, Mary Ann, Catherine and Lizzie. Duncan, Junior, never married.

Mary married John Gillis (Widow's son) with issue: Donald, John, Duncan, Alexander, Ronald, Mary, Catherine Ann and Margaret.

Catherine married John Gillis, John's son, with issue: Alexander, Archy, Duncan, John Angus, Donald, Angus, Ronald, Mary, Margaret and Flora.

Sarah married in P. E. Island. Flora married William McDougall and went to the States.

John Gillis, Mount Pleasant married Margaret Gillis, a niece of Col. Gillis of Kenloch, Morar, with issue: John, Donald, Angus, Ronald, Flora, Catherine, Jessie and Sarah. They all left the place years ago.

Allan Gillis (Ban) married in Scotland, Margaret McDougall, daughter of Duncan McDougall of Bracara, a niece of John McDougall (mac Eoghain) with issue: John, Archy, Alexander, Catherine, Mary, Margaret, Ann and Sarah. They too, left the place years ago. Alexander, Catherine, Margaret and Sarah (Mrs. Murphy) are living in Port Hood.

Somewhere about the year 1830 John Gillis (Gobha) came her from S. W. Port Hood and settled at Margaree Forks. He married Catherine McFarlane (Archy's daughter) with issue: Hugh, Archy, John, James, Angus, Alexander, Mary, Jessie, Ann and two Margarets.

Hugh married Ann McDonnell, daughter of Seumas mac Ruaraidh, with issue: John, James, Patrick, Alexander, Mary Ann.

Jessie married Malcolm McNeil of Scotch Hill, Margaree. Margaret married Angus McIsaac of Belle Cote, formerly of Sheehan, now Inverness.

Patrick Gillis married to Cassie Chisholm of Glassburn, Antigonish Co., a niece of Rev. F. J. Chisholm, P. P., of S. W. Margaree—is a successful farmer on the old homestead.


Dougald McFarlane, the progenitor of the McFarlanes of Antigonish and Inverness Counties, was born in Glenorchy, a district in Argyleshire, Scotland, somewhere about the year 1720. He was known as Dughal Mac Phadruig 'ic Phadruig 'ic lain ic Illeschriosd'ic lain. His parents and all his people were Presbyterians, but Dougald early in life joined the Catholic church. He married a Knoydart woman, Margaret McDonnell daughter of Ronald McDonnell, a grand-daughter of the Laird of Scots, a sept of the Glengarry family. One of her brothers, the famous "Spanish John," on whom was founded an interesting novel of the same title, was instructed by Cardinal Yorke, Rome, with a mission to Scotland and a large sum of money for Prince Charles, died at Cornwall, Ontario, somewhere between the years 1810 and 1820. He had three sons, Miles, John and William. After his marriage Dougald lived for a number of years in Glenfinan Moidart, where most, if not all, of his family were born.

Dougald McFarlane and family emigrated from Scotland in the year 1801 in the "Dove of Aberdeen." They landed at Pictou, Nova Scotia, and soon afterwards rented a farm for a short time at Antigonish Harbour. It was about the year 1803 or 1804 they settled at South River, Antigonish. Their family consisted of Archy, John, Patrick, Angus, Mary, Catherine, Isabel, Margaret and Jessie.

Jessie died young. Margaret married Angus McInnis, West River; Isabel to Angus McPherson; Catherine to Angus McIsaac; Mary to Hugh Boyd.; Angus to Catherine McInnis; Patrick to Katie Murphy; those remained in Antigonish where many of their descendants are to be found.

John and Archy removed to Inverness County in the year 1822. John was married to Catherine McInnis from Antigonish. He took up a farm near Margaree Harbour where a few of the descendants still live.

Archy was married to one Margaret Gillis, a daughter of Malcolm Gillis and of Catherine Gillis (nighean Eoghain an Obain) both of Morar, Scotland. She was a cousin of Andrew Gillis, Rev. Hugh Gillis' father. This Catherine Gillis had a brother named Donald, and it was with him that Archy McFarlane's wife came to Antigonish. - Archy's family, all but two, were born at the South River. He settled at South West Margaree in 1822, on a farm before them occupied by one, Mr. Wright.

His family consisted of five sons and six daughters as follows: John, Angus, Malcolm, James, Dougald, Catherine, Margaret, Mary Ann, Isabel and Christy.

John was married to Jessie Gillis from Judique with issue: John, Dan, Angus, James, Dougald, Mary, Ann, Margaret, Jessie and Catherine.

Angus was married to Catherine McDonnell, sister of the late Andrew McDonnell, S. W. Margaree, with issue: John P., Angus ban Dougald, James, Archy, Duncan, Mary, Ann, Margaret, Isabel, and Mary Ann.

John and Angus, the foregoing sons of Archy early in life took up farms at Upper Margaree, and added to this property by the erection of grist and saw mills.

Malcolm was married the first time to Catherine Gillis, sister of Alex Gillis (Mac lain) with issue: John, Catherine, Mary, Jessie and Isabel. He was married the second time to Sarah McLellan (lain Mac Colum) with issue: Dougald, Archy, Angus, Patrick, John, James, Catherine, Margaret, Ann and Mary.

James was married to Ann Coady of Margaree Forks with issue: Hugh, John, Archy, Angus, Peter, Mary, Margaret, Catherine, Christy and Jessie.

Dougald was married to Catherine McDougall daughter of John McDougall, with issue: John, Donald, Sandy, Archy, Ronald, John A., Joe, Mary, Catherine, Ann, Christy and Margaret.

Catherine was married to John Gillis (Gobha) Margaree Forks with issue: Hugh, Archy, James, Alex, Angus, Mary, Jessie, and two Margarets.

Mary was married to Archy McLellan Mac an taillear, Rear Dun-vegan, with issue: John, Donald, Angus, James, Joseph, Ann, Jessie, Martha, Margaret, Flora and Isabel.

Margaret was married to John Gillis (Mac Illios) of Upper Margaree with issue: John, Duncan, Archy, Gillis, Angus, Mary, Jessie Catherine, Ann, Flora, Sarah, Christy, Martha and two Margarets.

Ann was married to John Gillis (Peter) of S. W. Margaree with issue John, Angus, Hugh, Peter, Archy, James, Mary, Margaret, Jessie and Isabel.

Isabel was married to Angus McNeil of St. Rose, with issue: John, Alex, James, Angus, Mary and Catherine.

Christy was married to Ronald McLellan, S. W. Margaree, with issue: John, Donald, Archy, Angus, Allan, Mary, Catherine, Margaret, Jessie and Ann.

Jessie, the eldest, a half sister, was married to Hugh McNeil of Upper South River, Antigonish.

In most cases only the names of such members of families who came to maturity are given. Names of young children and of those who died in infancy are as a rule omitted.

The great majority of the MacFarlanes made farming their occupation and succeeded well. From time to time we find several of the name among school teachers, merchants and Municipal Councillors. In the ranks of the Clergy are found at least four of Dougald's (Dughal Mac Phadruig's) descendants. Their names are Father Donald, Dr. Angus and Father Dougald, three brothers, sons of Allan Cameron, and nephews of the late Bishop Cameron of Antigonish, all now dead, and Dr. Hugh McPherson, Mount Cameron, Dougald McEachern, Broad Cove, Inverness Co., who has completed his third year in theology is another descendant of Dougald McFarlane. To this list may be added about twenty Sisters, five doctors and two lawyers. Dougald MacEachern just mentioned has, since above was written, been ordained a Priest.


About the year 1828 there arrived from Arisaig a family of MacDougalls—teaghlach Dhomhuill ic Alasdair. One of the boysDonald—was an excellent piper. He settled at S. W. Margaree and married Ann McLean, a native of Arisaig, with issue: Hugh, John, Donald, Sandy, Ann, Christy and Catherine. Hugh and Donald are in Massachusetts, U. S. A., John died at Harbour au Bouche, Antigonish Co., and Sandy is a tailor at Inverness.

Ann was married to Archy McLellan (Farquhar). Upper Margaree, and had a large family, one of whom Dan, Jr., was killed in the great world war.

Christy and Catherine married in Cape Breton Co.

Donald McDougall, Piper, had a brother named Alexander, who lived on the Mountain between S. W. Margaree and Dunvegan. He was married to Mary McPherson an Antigonish woman, with issue: Charles, Hugh, Donald, Angus, Alexander, Mary, Catherine, Margaret, Jessie and Ann.

Charles married an Antigonish woman and lived a long time in Arisaig where some of his family still live.

Hugh married Ann McLellan (Andrew). The parents and children are all dead, the last of them—John Andrew— was killed in the great war.

Donald—the tailor—was married to Catherine Coady (Martin) of Margaree Forks. He lived for some time near Margaree Harbour and later at Hawkesbury where his widow and some of the family still live.

Alexander married a Campbell woman from Mabou and moved to Whitney Pier, where he died a few years ago.

Mary was married to a McMaster of River Inhabitants; Catherine to John McLellan (Domhull Mac an Tailear's son) Rear Dun-vegan, and Jessie to Moses McDaniel (Matthew's son) Margaree Forks.

A sister of Donald McDougall, Piper, was married to Norman McDonald, Rear S. W. Margaree, with issue: Hugh, Rory, Donald Angus, Jane, Martha, Mary and Ann. The last named being married to John McLellan (Clerk) Dunvegan.

The piper had two other brothers and two sisters who came to this country. They were Angus, Hugh, Mary and Ann.

Angus went to live in Judique and married a McMaster woman, and had a family. Mary married Donald Gillis (mac Aoghnais ic Neil)—no issue.

Hugh and Ann never married.

JOHN McDOUGALL (lain Mac Eoghain ic lain Oig.)

John and James McDougall (brothers) came to this country from the parish of Bracara, North Morar, Scotland, in the ship Tamlin, in the year 1826. They landed at Sydney, C. B., and spent their first winter in this country at East Bay.

In the following summer John, with his wife and family, and his wife's mother, came to Margaree Harbour (James remaining in Cape Breton Co.) and spent about a year with John McDonald (Lord); in the meantime taking up land at the South West Branch of the Margaree River, where some of his descendants still reside. John's first winter in America was saddened by the tragic death of his youngest daughter, Catherine, a girl of fourteen years, who perished in a snowstorm while crossing the bay (East Bay) on her way to her home from a neighbour's house.

John McDougall was married to Mary McLellan (Mairi nighean lain ic Dhomhuill) of Morar, by whom he had a family of six sons and two daughters Ann and Catherine, already mentioned.

John and Duncan were married coming to this country, the former to Ann McDonald of Knoydart, with issue: Ronald (born in the old country) Alexander, Donald, John, Catherine, Angus and Joseph, all of whom are dead except Joseph, and the latter to Jessie Gillis, daughter of Captain Donald Gillis(Donhuill ban mac Aonghais ic Dhomhuill) of Stole, North Morar, with issue: Catherine, Donald, Ann, Mary, Flora, Margaret, John, Simon and Sarah, all dead except Sarah. The rest of them married in this country. Donald married Christina McEachern of Judique with issue: Alexander, Mary, John, Angus, Hugh, Sarah, Donald, Margaret, Catherine and Lauchlin, all dead.

Hugh married Sarah McLellan (red John's daughter) of Black Glen, (now Glenville) with issue: Mary, Catherine, Flora, John, Alexander, Ann, Donald, Archy, Allan and Ronald—the last mentioned being Rev. R. H. McDougall, the present Parish Priest of Heatherton, Antigonish Co. They are all dead except the priest and his two sisters, Flora and Ann.

Angus married a daughter of Captain Donald Gillis, already mentioned, with issue: Mary, Hugh, Archy, Margaret, John, Donald, Marcella, Alexander, Ronald, and four who died in infancy. They are all dead except Archy (A. S.) and Margaret.

Archy married Mary McDonald of P. E. Island, with issue: Alexander, Flora, John arid James, all dead except Alexander.

Ann married Angus Gillis (tailor) of Glenville with issue: John, Catherine, Flora, Donald, Margaret, Alexander and Sarah, all dead.

All the sons of John McDougall settled at the South West Branch of the Margaree River and lived in close proximity to one another except Donald, who settled at Rear Broad Cove Ponds (St. Rose). They all experienced the hardships and privations of pioneer life and had many a weary day and night before they converted the forest primeval into smiling productive farms, which are still occupied by some of their descendants. They all lived to a good old age, having all passed their eightieth birthday except Angus who died at the age of seventy-four. Ann died comparatively young. Archy, the youngest and last surviving member of the family attained the advanced age of ninety-two years, and died in 1907.

And it is a fact worthy of remark that after raising large families, whose descendants are found in nearly all the walks of life, scattered as they are, throughout the length and breadth of the continent of America, they all, except Donald, Ann and Catherine, sleep their long last sleep with their father and mother and grandmother, in the same cemetery "St. Mary's S. W. Margaree, popularly known as "Cladh nan Dughallach" or McDougall's cemetery, and with them sleep between fifty and sixty of their descendants.


About the year 1821 James Carroll came and selected a farm North of the South West Chapel. He married Isabel Cameron, with issue: Duncan, Timothy, John, William and Mary. Timothy was married to Catherine MacLellan. (Big John) Rear St. Rose by whom he had William, John, James and Catherine. All of Timothy's family moved away to New York some years ago. John, son of James, was a blacksmith by trade and took up his abode at Margaree Forks. He was married to Nell Tompkins and had eight sons and three daughters. Two of the daughters are married in Guysborough. The third daughter and several of her brothers are dead. The son, Leo, remains on the homestead at the Forks, and the son William F. resides in Sydney, C. B., being at present one of the federal members for Cape Breton South and Richmonds.


In 1816 John Collins came from Tipperary, Ireland, and took up a farm at S. W. Margaree, adjoining Captain Allan MacDonald's whose sister he married.

The son John was married to Sarah MacNeil of St. Rose, with issue, Angus, Dan, Alexander, John, Allan, Catherine, Ann, and Mary. Angus of this family is a prosperous merchant at S. W. Margaree, and commands high popular respect. He owns a beautiful block of real estate here and has been for many years the Councillor for this district, and held the Post Office and Telegraph office at this point.

Donald Collins of the first family was married to Jane MacNeil, a sister to his brother John's wife, with issue: John, Angus, James, Donald, Alexander, Mary and Catherine.

Alexander married Flora MacLellan (Donald Ban's daughter) of Dunvegan and had James, John, Angus, Dan, Peter, Kate, Mary and Ann. This family moved to Scotsville, where some of them still resides.


We have spoken of the Doyles in the sketch of the Forks. Since then we have received the following and better account which seems to be authentic: The progenitor of the Doyles of Margaree was Moses Doyle, commonly known as Mogue Doyle, son of James Doyle and Ann O'Brien, from County Wexford, Ireland. Mogue was the leader of a company of United Irishmen in the Rebellion of 1798, was made prisoner, escaped and got to America in 1799. He came to St. Peter's, Richmond Co., C. B., and worked with or for his uncle a Mr. Kavanagh who was afterwards elected first Catholic member of parliament in the Assembly of Nova Scotia.

Mogue Doyle had another uncle named Hays who owned Port Hood Island. Of him or his descendants very little is known, except that a daughter of his married a Mr. Smith from Port Hood. Hays it is supposed died at Port Hood leaving Mogue Ł400 which was the occasion of the latter making another trip to American after going home to Ireland from St. Peter's. For sketch of Hays, see Port Hood sketch.
Mogue's return to Ireland was about the year 1802 or 3, shortly after the passing of the Act of Settlement which, granted pardon to the Rebels. He married Judith O'Neill in 1806 who bore him four children,—James, Ann, Mary and Sarah. James was born March 16, 1807, on a farm his father held on rent from Earl Fitz William at Olart Hill, near the town of Enniscorthy, Parish of Farno, on the banks of the river Slaney.

Ann married James Murphy of Lake-O-Law, both of whom are now sleeping their last long sleep at a little town in the State of Minnesota on the banks of the lordly Mississippi.

Sarah married James Coady of Margaree Forks and the names of the members of their family are given under the sketch headed "The Coadys". Mary died in infancy, and the mother died at the same time.

Mogue was married the second time to Mary Ann Lawlor. He came to Margaree in 1824. His son, James, worked for Earl Fitz- William until 1828 when with his stepmother and sister, Sarah, he came to Margaree. Ann coming a few years later.

James Doyle was married to Maggie Murphy, daughter of Michael Murphy and Sarah Pennel. James' family consisted of John Moses, Miles, James, Matthew, Michael, Dan.

Mogue Doyle had seven sisters some of whom came to America while some died in Ireland. One sister was the mother of the late Harry and Miles McDaniel and others who did not come to America; another was the mother of Walter, James, Sarah, and Mary Fortune; another was the mother of Nicholas, Patrick, James, Michael and Mary Tompkins; another was the mother of John, Mary and Ann Doyle of Lake-o-Law; another was the mother of Patrick and Mary Burns; another was a mother of Miles Donaghue; the seventh and youngest was the mother of Andy Dovan.

From Mogue Doyle, and sisters or their children who came to Margaree there are 15 priests and 16 nuns, as follows:—Reverends Michael Tompkins, Moses Coady (deceased), Moses McGarry, Miles D. Kiley, Moses M. Doyle, Daniel H. Doyle, Morris Thompkins, Miles N. Thompkins, D. F. McGarry, Benjamin McGarry, John O'Neill Doyle (deceased), J. J Tompkins; and Revd. Doctors John McGarry, Moses M. Coady and Moses Kiley.

                   NUNS                             M. D.' s
Daughters of Moses Doyle              2 Alex W. Miller
                   James J. Doyle           1 Patrick F. Coady
                   Miles A. Foyle            2 Patrick McGarry
                   Daniel Doyle               2 Moses McGarry
                   Matthew Doyle            2 Michael McGarry
                   Peter McDaniel           1 Gregory Tompkins
                   James McGarry
                   Dennis F. McGarry           LAWYER
                   Rebecca McNiel          2 W. F. Carroll
                   Michael J. Coady         1 Thomas M. Phalen
                   William Hartigan           1 J. M. P. Coady


It is supposed that the first settler in the parish of South West Margaree was Archibald Cameron who came here from Antigonish about the year 1815. He was a native of Barra, Scotland. He fought at Louisburg, and after this memorable siege worked a short time at Sydney Mines. Thence he went to Antigonish where he lived until he moved to Margaree. His father, Martin Cameron was born and bred in Lochaber and was a relative of the Camerons of South River, Antigonish. This Martin married a McIsaac woman from Moidart, became a Catholic, and moved to Barra.

His son, Archy, married in Antigonish, one, Mary Cameron. She was a Strathglass woman, or anyway a daughter of Strathglass parents. She had one brother, John, and several sisters, one of whom was married in Antigonish to one Rory McNeil (Ban).

His family consisted of Donald, Angus, Dougald, Alexander, John, Michael, Martin, Margaret (Mrs. Alex McLellan, Ban), Mary (Mrs. Donald McDonnell, Judique Pt.), Christy (Mrs. John Chisholm) Isabel (Mrs. James Carroll), Catherine (Mrs. Griffin) and Ann (Mrs. Stephen McKinnon.) All the family except Christy were born in Antigonish County. It may be noted here that this Christy was the first white child born above the Forks, and Hugh Gillis (Peter's son) the first born above the South West Chapel.

Donald, Angus and Dougald married three sisters, Margaret, Catherine and Ann, daughters of Archibald Chisholm (an gobhain glasrach).

Donald's family consisted of John, William, Donald, Archibald, Isabel and Mary.

Angus family consisted of John, Archy, William Mary, Nancy and Jessie.

Dougald's family consisted of Archy, Michael, Margaret and Mary (Mrs. John McKenzie).

Alexander married Isabella McDougall from Broad Cove Marsh, with issue John, Archy, Hugh, Michael, Lachy, Donald, Mary, Isabel, Christy and Catherine.

John married Ann McNeil (Alastair Saor, St. Rose) and moved to Loch Ban, in the parish of Broad Cove.

Michael married Christy McLeod of N. E. Margaree with issue, Archy, Allan, Malcolm, Martin and Margaret.

Martin married Catherine McLellan (Neil Ban, Broad Cove) with issue:— John, Archy, Angus, Michael, Donald, Neil, Flora, Margaret, Isabel and Mary (Mrs. Dougald M Farlane).

Duncan Cameron who resides since a few years at Margaree Forks, came there from Friar's Heads where he lived many years, and where his father and mother are buried. His father, Rory Cameron, was born in Judique and lived with his family for a time at West Ray before removing to North Inverness. This' Rory was married to one Catherine Gillis (nighean Dhonnashaidh is Mhartuin) and had many relatives in Mira and Margaree. His son, Duncan, married one, Catherine Pembroke, and reared a large family of sons and daughters.


About the year 1831 there came from Tipperary, Ireland, two brothers, Martin and Peter Coady. Martin was married in Ireland to Julia McCarthy and all his family were born there, namely,—John, Michael, James, Martin, Peter, Pat, Mary and Ellen. Mary married Michael Waul with issue: Ann (Mrs. Woodlock), Mary, (Mrs. Tompkins), Helen (Mrs. Lynch), Katie (Mrs. McDonald) Bridget (Mrs. Cook), Julia, Margaret, Michael, who died young and Martin who moved to other parts of the Province.

Ellen married John McIntosh with issue: Dan, John, Jim, Michael Paddy, Martin, Maggie (Mrs. McLellan), Jane (Mrs. McCormick) Sarah (Mrs. Porter) and Julia (Mrs. McKinnon) all moved to Glace Bay.

John married Mary Flynn with issue: Martin, James, John Michael, Peter, Dan, Hugh, Mary, Julia and Ellen and Katie.

Michael married Jane McIntosh with issue: Martin, John, Jim, Pat, Dan, Margaret, Mary, Ellen and Julia, moved to Cape North.

James married Sarah Doyle and took up a farm at Margaree Forks. His children consisted of James, Martin, John, Michael, Peter, Patrick, Moses, Julia (Mrs. Tompkins), Mary (Mrs. McDaniel), Ann (Mrs. McDaniel) and Ellen (Mrs. Dunn).

Martin married Eliza McDaniel issue Eliza who afterwards became the wife of Moses Doucet, Grand Etang; Patrick married Margaret Hylan with issue: Martin, Peter, Julia, Mary (Mrs. Gillis) and Ellen (Mrs. Coady), Bridget (Mrs. Tompkins).

Peter married Mary Tompkins with issue: Martin, Nicholas, Peter, Jim, Julia (Mrs. Murphy), Sarah (Mrs. Tompkins), Rebecca (Mrs. Murphy).

Moses, the son of James Coady and Sarah Doyle mentioned above is the Rev. Moses Coady who died at Reserve Mines 6th February 1920. His brother, Patrick is a medical practitioner in Newton, Mass. Michael is the father of Rev. Dr. M. M. Coady, St. F. X. College, Antigonish.

John, another brother to Martin and Peter came to Margaree about 1826. He married Katie McDonald from Antigonish Hbr. His family consisted of John, Hugh, Peter, Martin, James, Donald, Ann, Mary, and Catherine.

John was unmarried. Hugh died young; Donald moved to Ash-dale, Antigonish and married Sarah McLean. Peter married Christine daughter of John McDonald, Scotch Hill, Margaree with issue: Hugh, who died young; John at home; Alex in Providence; Margaret (Mrs. John Gillis); Jessie (Mrs. Downing); Mary (Mrs. Porter) and Isabella, James married Catherine McDonald, sister to Peter's wife with issue: Hugh, who went West when quite young; John at home; Margaret (Mrs. McFarlane); Mary (Mrs. Angus Collins); Catherine (Mrs. James Tompkins) and Martha (Mrs. Dan Collins.)

Martin married Ann McLellan, (Archy) Rear Dunegan, with issue: Hugh, at home; Dan and John at Inverness; Mary (Mrs. J. P. McFarlane), Catherine (Mrs. McDougall, Hawkesbury), Jessie at home; Ann (Mrs. McFarlane, Marg. Harbor) and Bell.

Ann was married to James McFarlane with issue: Hugh, John, Archy, Angus, Pete, Mary, Margaret, Catherine, Christy and Jessie. All dead but Peter and Jessie.

Mary married John Ban McDonald rear St. Rose with issue: Hugh, Dan, Angus, Ann, Jessie (Mrs. Murphy) and Catherine (Mrs. McDonald) and Mary, Catherine married Michael Dunn, no issue.

James Coady, a fourth brother immigrated first, to Mirimachi and moved to Margaree somewhere about 1840. He was married to Margaret Butler. Their family consisted of John, Michael, Peter, William; James, Patrick, Martin, Ellen, Mary and Margaret.

James, Patrick and Margaret (Mrs. Murphy) moved to Sheet Harbor, Mary, Peter and Martin died young. Ellen married Malcolm McDonald who later settled near Margaree Harbor. John married Helen Hylan, Michael to Mary McDaniel and William to Jane Dunn; the last named moved some years ago to a farm at Little Bras D'Or.


Miles McDaniel came to this country from Ireland somewhere about 1800-05. He first settled at Margaree Harbor, at or near the place now occupied by William McRae. After a few years he came to Margaree Forks and lived for a time on the farm now occupied by the heirs of. John Chisholm. Later in life he moved to N. E. Margaree where he lived until his death.

He was married to Rebecca Smith from Port Hood. His family consisted of Matthew, Moses, John, Miles, Mary, Rebecca, Eliza, Jane and Sally.

Matthew married Ellen Crowdis from Baddeck, and lived at Margaree Forks. His family consisted of Miles, Moses, William, Peter, James, Rebecca, (Mrs. McNeil, Little Bras D'Or) and Ann.

All Matthew's son's settled at Margaree Forks and raised large families, all quite prosperous. William moved with his family to Massachusetts.


Until the year 1873 all the priests, with one exception, who had charge of the parish of S. W. Margaree had their home in Broad Cove, about ten miles distant. The first priest stationed there (at B. Cove) was Father John Chisholm from Antigonish. He came in 1824 or '25, and remained about a year.

Father Lawlor was the next. He came in 1826 and remained until about 1833. For a few years after this the people were again dependant upon the occasional and much looked for visits of Father McDonnell from Judique. Father Alex McLeod came about the year 1835. He was removed in 1845, when his cousin Father William McLeod took his place. He was given another parish in 1850, when Father John Grant took charge. Father Grant died at S. W. Margaree, in the spring of 1867. Father Ronald McGillivray took charge of both parishes in 1866, as Father Grant was ill at the time. The exception referred to above is Rev. James McIntyre from P. E. Island, who had charge of S. W. and N. E. Margaree parishes for one year-1849, or probably for a part of the years 1848 and '49.

Father Joseph McLeod, a native of Broad Cove, was stationed here (S. W. M.) in 1873. He died in 1877 when Father Donald Chisholm, who had charge of the parish of B. Cove, was given charge of the two parishes until the year 1880, when the present beloved and zealous pastor Rev. F.J. Chisholm was appointed to the parish of S.W. Margaree. The first Church here was built in 1832. It was called St. Andrew's. Its size was 40x30 feet, and 18 feet post. The contractor was a Mr. Pringle from near the Strait of Canso. A vestry was added several years afterwards. Though not a very imposing structure the old church was as good, as large and as substantial as the limited means of the good old pioneers would allow. They were all good, practical Catholics; no trivial reason would prevent them from hearing mass on Sundays and Holy Days; and it was edifying to witness the attention and devotion with which they assisted at Divine Sacrifice. Though the main building was never heated during cold weather—and mind you the days of the overcoat and rubber shoe had not yet arrived— yet, on the coldest Sunday in midwinter, the little church of St. Andrew's would always be filled with a crowd of devout worshippers.

The wardens at the time were Archibald McFarlane, John McDougall and Angus Gillis.

The first glebe house was built in 1840 or '41 by John Gillis (Bridge) The present church was built in 1871. Its size 70x42 and 28 feet posts. It is a plain, substantial, well proportioned wooden building, and at the time of its erection was considered the best of the kind in the diocese. The contract of building it was awarded to John McLellan, Mount Pleasant, but he dying in a few months, the work was afterwards taken up by his brother Archy. The contract soon again passed into the hands of Hugh McEachern, Broad Cove, who finished it the following year.

The second glebe house was built in 1875 by Hugh Gillis, John Peter's son. This house was burned down in February 1887. The present house was built the following summer by James McEachern, Glenville.

The wardens, at the time of building the new chapel, were John McDougall, James Carrol, Malcolm McFarlane and Hugh Gillis. Soon after, the first three resigned, and John Collins, Malcolm McLellan and Alexander McDonald were appointed in their places.

There are two cemeteries at S. W. Margaree, viz.: St. Mary's, commonly called McDougall's cemetery, and St. Joseph's, in close proximity to the church. The first person buried in St. Mary's cemetery was Donald McDonnell's (Ronald) first wife, and in St. Joseph's cemetery an infant child of Mr. Malcolm McFarlane.

The number of priests produced by the S. W. Margaree parish to date is three, viz.: Rev. R. H. McDougall, P. P. of Heather-ton, Rev. Moses Coady, deceased and Rev. Moses M.Coady, D.D., of St. F. X. College.

The number of nuns and sisters of Charity is 10.

Of lawyers the parish produced only two, so far, viz: Hector Y. McDonald, now Judge of the Superior Court of Saskatchewan, and James M. P. Coady, a graduate of Oxford who also resides in Western Canada.

The doctors produced by the S. W. Margaree parish were Dr. Duncan Campbell, son of the late Samuel Campbell of Margaree Forks, Dr. Donald Chisholm, son of the late John Chisholm, of Margaree Forks, who went West shortly after graduating in medicines; and Dr. Patrick Coady, son of the late James Coady also of Margaree Forks, who resides in Newton, Mass. Dr. Campbell practiced his profession for a short time in Hawkesbury, whence he moved to Port. Hood, where he resided till his untimely death. He represented this county for a number of years in the provincial legislature, and although not possessed of any extraordinary ability, was, without exception, the most popular representative that Inverness County ever had.

Dr. A. W. Chisholm, our present Federal representative, and the late Dr. R. C. McLeod, the former born in the parish of Margaree, and the latter in the parish of Broad Cove,—were brought up and received their common school education at Margaree Forks, in this. parish, so that the parish of S. W. Margaree can, at least, partly claim them.

The pioneer teachers, as far as known by the writers, were, Jordan, Hawe, Heffernan, Reville, natives of Ireland, Ronald McKinnon, a native of Scotland, James Gillis and Archibald McDougall, both born in Scotland, but received their education in this country, John McDonald (Glenroy) Antigonish, Angus Beaton, Strathlorne; John A. Gillis, Glenville; John Gillis (Angus Ban), Br. Cove; John McLennan, B. Cove; John H. Bartlett, a native of England, Malcolm McLellan, a native of Scotland, Hugh McPherson, afterwards Dr.. McPherson, and Alexander McFarlane, both of Antigonish; Peter McLennan, John A. McDougall and Michael Wall, natives of the parish; Alexander McLellan, a native of B. Cove; Neil McDonald (big), Donald McMillan, afterwards Rev. Mr. McMillan and a Mr. McKinnon, all from Lake Ainslie. All the above named taught at S. W. and Upper Margaree—all dead except Michael Wall, now of Charleston, Mass.

At Margaree Forks, there taught in the early days a Mr. Burke from Ireland, Angus McDonald, John Boyd, and Colin Chisholm now Monsignor Chisholm of Port Hood—all from Antigonish; Miles Tompkins of N. E. Margaree, Dan Chisholm afterwards Dr.Chisholm; Duncan Campbell, afterwards Dr. Campbell; Christopher McRae, of Margaree and James Doyle, Junior.

The pioneer tailors were John McDougall and his son Donald, and his brother Duncan, John Gillis (Malcolm); Angus McLellan (Malcolm), Andrew Gillis, Alexander McLellan, and Donald McDougall.

The pioneer blacksmiths were Archibald Chisholm (an gobhain Glasrach) and his son John, John Carrol, Ronald McLellan, Archibald Cameron, and last, but by no means least, John Gillis (Ian mac Aoghnais ic Eoghain.)

The first grist mill here was built by John and Angus McFarlane of Upper Margaree in the year 1833. The first sawmill in 1859 by John Gillis (tailors son) of the same place.

The first man to carry on mercantile business were Capt. Allan McDonald, Samuel Campbell, Allen McDonnell, John McFarlane, (John's son) John McLeod, John McLennan and John P. McFarlane. Isaac McLeod who did business at Strathlorne, opened a branch at S. W. Margaree, which was in charge of D. E. McKay and others.

Very few people weave their own blankets and woolen wear, but they get somebody else to do it. In most places the good old loom is replaced by organs and pianos, but there should be room for both. It looks as if another generation will see the end of this old fashioned though useful industry.

In 1863 Angus McIsaac came from Eigg, Scotland, and lived for a while in Antigonish County. He subsequently settled at Upper Margaree. He was married to Jane McDonald, a native of the Isle of Muck, Scotland, with issue: Rory, Archy, John, Catherine, Ann and Mary.

Rory married Christy McDonald (Alex) No issue. Archy married Mary Gillis, (Angus) and had a large family which moved away.

Catherine married John Campbell of Rear Broad Cove, and Ann married John McDonald (Alex) with issue: James, John, Angus, Mary, Catherine, Ann and Jane.


In the year 1822, Hugh McIsaac, a native of Moidart, Scotland, came from South River, Antigonish, and settled at S. W. Margaree. He was married in Antigonish to Penelope Campbell. He had a brother—Duncan—who remained at South River, where some of his descendants still live. Probably some of the Campbells are there too.

Hugh McIsaac's family consisted of Donald, John, Archy, Angus, Mary (who married Donald McDonnell, Ronald's son), Jessie, Margaret, Catherine and Ann.

Donald married Mary McPherson, daughter of Alexander McPherson, tailor, who came to Antigonish from Scotland, his family removing to Broad Cove. Alex McPherson's wife was a daughter of John McNeil (Saor) whose family lived at St. Rose.

Donald's family consisted of Archy, Hugh, Mary, Ann, Sarah, Flora, Catherine and Penelope. His son Archy is on the old homestead. All the rest, except Sarah (Mrs. McNeil) have gone to their eternal reward. John married Christy McDonald (John) B. C. Banks. One of his sons, named John, is in Cape Breton Co. Archy married Sarah, sister to John's wife. One of his sons, John, is in Inverness town. Angus married Flora McMaster from Judique. Mary married Donald McDonnell (Ranald's son). The rest of the family remained single.


In 1843 there arrived from Arisaig, Scotland a family of Mc-Leans. Their names were, Donald, Hugh, John, Malcolm, Mary and Ann.

Donald married Susanna McDonald and reared a large family at Rear S. W. Margaree. Some forty years ago he removed to Aspy Bay where he is still hale and hearty at one hundred years, or more.

Hugh married Mary, daughter of Angus McFarlane. His family was also a large one but left S. W. Margaree for Whitney Pier, C. B. Co., some years ago.

John married Sarah Matheson. His family are scattered.

Ann married Donald McDougall Piper and reared a large family, but they, too, left South West Margaree, some years ago. The mother of these McLeans was a sister of Mr. McKinnon (Saor ban) who died in Judique.


In 1843 there arrived from Eigg a family of McLeods consisting of George, John, Donald, Mary and Catherine, and settled at Egypt Upper Margaree.

George married Ann McInnis of Judique with issue: John, Alexander, Angus, Allan, Mary and Effie. John married Margaret Gillis (Peter) with issue: John and Peter. Donald married Ann McDonald (Seumas MacRuaraidh) no issue. Mary and Catherine unmarried. These McLeods are near relatives of the McLeods of Dunvegan.


Hector McKenzie a native of Gairloch, Scotland, came to the Gulf Shore, Antigonish Co. He married (big) Flora McKinnon, a relative of the Jamiesons of Broad Cove. His family consisted of Donald, Murdoch, Hugh, John, Charles, Alexander, Kenneth and Flora. They left Antigonish and settled for twenty years on the "Big Farm", Cheticamp. From there they went to North Lake Ainslie, where the family of Hector McKenzie, a grandson, still live.

Kenneth, Hector's son, came to Piper's Glen, Upper Margaree, about the year 1846. He was married to Marcella McKay, a native of the Isle of Muck and grandaunt of A. H. McKay, Councillor for East Lake Ainslie, with issue: Hector, John, Hugh, James, Allan and Flora. James married to Ann Stewart—and some of his family are still on the old place.


Hugh Stewart arrived from Moidart, Scotland, in 1843, and settled at Piper's Glen. He was married to Mary McVarish (Weaver's daughter) with issue: John, Donald, Flora, Kate, Ann, Margaret and Mary.

John married Catherine Gillis (Finlay) and reared a large family, some of whom are still in Piper's Glen. Flora married John McLellan (red) and moved to Antigonish Co., Two of their sons and one daughter, remained in Piper's Glen. Ann married James McKenzie and Margaret married James McLellan (Rory). Donald, Kate and Mary remained single.


About the year 1815 or 16 there arrived in Margaree a Moidart man named Donald McVarish (big). He had one son, Rory, and two daughters, Mary and Nancy. Rory married Jessie McDonald from Antigonish, no issue. Mary married John Duggan from Ireland with issue: Andrew, Michael, William, Flora, and Catherine. Andrew's family are living at Rear Margaree Forks and Flora is married in Sherbrook, Guysborough County, to one Conroy.


Somewhere between the years 1845 and 50, there arrived from Ireland Patrick and Michael Wall. Shortly before leaving Ireland Patrick married Honora Quinan. His family consisted of Michael, John, James, Anastasia and Honora. John married Catherine Chisholm of Margaree Forks, with issue: Mary Honora and Christina.

James died in Campbellton, N. B., where his family lives. Michael is living in Charleston, Mass. Honora married Joseph Miller of Margaree Forks, and Anastasia is married in Quincey, Mass.

Patrick Wall married the second time Mary Ryan of N. E. Margaree, with issue: Patrick, William, Edward, Johanna and Maggie.

Michael Wall, Patrick's brother, married Mary Coady, with issue: Michael, Martin, Annie, Judith, Margaret, Mary, Ellen, Catherine and Julia. They all left S. W. Margaree some years ago.


Many years ago a family of Jamiesons came from the Island of Canna. One of them—Lauchlin—settled at Piper's Glen. He married a McIntyre woman, with issue: Neil, James, Mary, Kate, Ann and Mary Ann. Neil married Ann McKenzie of St. Rose, and had a large family of boys and girls, all of whom could play the bag pipes, as could also their father.

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