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Bible quotations in the Scots Language

These quotes are from the Scots Language section of The Flag in the Wind and links in here are to Real Audio files where you can listen to them as well.

Seein hou monie there wis o them, he spealed the brae, an whan he hed sitten doun, an his disciples hed gethert about him, he set tae the teachin, an this is what he said tae them:

            "Hou happie the puir at is hummle afore God,
                for theirs is the Kingdom o heiven !
            Hou happie the dowff an dowie,
                for they will be comfotit !
            Hou happie the douce an cannie,
                for they will faa the yird !
            Hou happie them at yaups an thrists for richteousness,
                for they will get their sairin !
            Hou happie the mercifu,
                for they will win mercie !
            Hou happie the clean o hairt,
                for they will see God !
            Hou happie the redders o strow an strife,
                for they will be caa'd the childer o God !
            Hou happie them at hes dree'd misgydin for richteousness' sake,
                for their's is the Kingdom o Heiven !

Hou happie ye, whan they tash an misgyde ye an say aathing ill o ye, liein on ye, for my sake ! Blythe be ye an mirkie, for gryt is the rewaird bidin ye in heiven; it wis een sae they misgydit the Prophets afore ye.

"Ye ar the saut o the warld. But gin the saut gaes saurless, what will gie it back its tang? There is nocht adae wi it mair but cast it outbye for fowk tae patter wi their feet.

"Ye ar the licht o the warld. A toun biggit on a hill-tap canna be hoddit; an again, whan fowk licht a lamp, they pit-it-na- ablo a meal-bassie, but set it up on the dresser-heid, an syne it gies licht for aabodie i the houss. See at your licht shines that gate afore the warld, sae at aabodie may see your guid deeds an ruise your Faither in heiven !

                frae 'The New Testament in Scots' - William L Lorimer. This extract is from St Matthews, chapter 5, verses 1 to 16. Lorimer's translation of the New Testment, from the original Greek, intil Scots was published in 1983. I read  this passage at my mother's funeral.

Thar are mony folk, wha hae spoken English a' their grown-up days wha like to gang back to the tongue o' their bairnhood, i' the mirk and shadows o' auld age. Thar are ithers wha seem tae tak better to the Word whan it comes to them wi' a wee o' the Scottish birr. And thar are a hantle o' folk - and I meet them a'gate - wha dinna speak Scots theirsels, but are keen to hear it, and like to read it.

And thar is anither consideration - the Scots tongue is no gettin extendit, and some folk think it may be tint a'thegither 'or lang. And God's Word is for a' men ; and ony lawfu' means ane can use to get folk to read it, and tak tent til't, is richt and proper. For a' thae reasons, and ithers I could bring forrit, I hae putten the New Testament intil Braid Scots. Lat nae man think it is a vulgar tongue - a mere gibberish to be dune wi' as sune as ane is bye the schule-time. It is an ancient and honourable tongue; wi' rutes deep i' the yird ; aulder than muckle o' the English. It cam doon till us throwe oor Gothic and Pictish forebears ; it was heard on the battle-field wi' Bruce ; it waftit the triumphant prayers and sangs o' the Martyrs intil Heeven ; it dirl't on the tongue o' John Knox, denouncin wrang ; it sweeten't a' the heevenlie letters o' Samu'l Rutherford ; and aneath the theek o' mony a muirland cottage it e'en noo carries thanks to Heeven, and brings the blessins doon !

And I haena putten pen o paper unbidden. A wheen screeds o' the Word dune intil Scots I had at times putten afore the public een ; and folk wad write me, "Hae ye ony mair o't ?" till I begude to think that aiblins Providence had gien me the Scots blude and the Scots tongue, wi' the American edication, for the vera reason that - haein baith lang'ages - I soud recommend the Word in Scots ; and juist Scots eneuch not to be unfathomable to the ordinar English reader.

Whiles thar has been a chance o' makin the meanin plainer ; whiles a Scots phrase o' unco tenderness or wondrous pith coud come in. And at a' times, ahint the pen that was movin, was a puir but leal Scots heart, fu' o' prayer that this sma' effort micht be acceptit o' the dear Maister - and survivin a' the misca'in o' the pernickity and the fashionable - micht bring the memory o' a worthy tongue, and the better knowledge o' a Blessed Saviour, to this ane and that ane, as they micht chance to read it.

                - The Preface to ' The Four Gospels in Braid Scots ' - William A Smith (1901). Born in Jedburgh in 1827, Smith was taken by his parents to the USA in 1830 and then to Canada in 1837. After work as a teacher, businessman and journalist, William Smith became a minister in the Congrgational Church in 1865 and published his Scots translation of the Four Gospels in 1901.

    17. Sae a' the generations frae Ab'ram to Dauvit are fowrteen generations ; and frae dauvid to the takin awa' to Babylon to Christ fowrteen generations.
    18. Noo the nativitie o' Jesus Christ was this gate : whan his mither Mary was mairry't till Joseph, 'or they cam thegither, she was fund wi' bairn o' the Holie Spirit.
    19. Than her guidman, Joseph, bein an upricht man, and no desirin her name sud be i' the mooth o' the public, was ettlin to pit her awa' hidlins.
    20. But as he had thir things in his mind, see ! an Angel o' the Lord appear't till him by a dream, sayin, " Joseph, son o' Dauvid, binna feared to tak till ye yere wife, Mary ; for that whilk is begotten in her is by the Holie Spirit.
    21. " And she sall bring forth a son, and ye sal ca' his name JESUS ; for he sal save his folk frae their sins. "
    22. Noo, a' this was dune, that it micht come to pass what was said by the Lord throwe the prophet,
    23. " Tak tent ! a maiden sal be wi' bairn, and sal bring forth a son ; and they wull ca' his name Emmanuel, " whilk is translatit, " God wi' us. "
    24. Sae Joseph, comin oot o' his sleep, did as the Angel had bidden him, and took till him his wife.
    25. And leev'd in continence wi' her till she had brocht forth her firstborn son ; and ca'd his name JESUS.
                    Mathew Chaipter Ane, verses 17 til 25 frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

    1. Noo, whan Jesus was born i' Bethlehem-Judah, i' the days o' King Herod, lo ! Wyss Men cam frae the East tae Jerusalem.

    2. And quo' they, "Whaur is he bidin that is ca'd King o' the Jews ? for i' the East we saw his starn, and are come forrit to worship him."

    3. But the King, hearin, was sair putten-aboot ; and a' Jerusalem wi' him.

    4. And, gatherin a' the heigh-priests and writers o' the nation, he wad ken o' them "whaur the Messiah soud be born ?"

    5. And quo' they, "In Bethlehem-Judah ; for sae it is putten doon by the prophet ;

    6. " ' And thou, Bethlehem , land o' Judah, nane the least amang Judah's princes ! for oot o' thee sal come a Ruler, wha sal tend my folk o' Isra'l ! ' " 

    7. Than, Herod, convenin the Wyss Men privately, faund oot mair strickly o' the comin o' the starn ;

    8. And bad them gang to Bethlehem ; and quo' he, "Gang, and seek ye oot the wee bairn ; and whan ye ken, fesh me word again, that I as weel may come and worship."

    9. Eftir hearing the King, they gaed awa' ; and lo ! the starn whilk they saw i' the East gaed on afore them, till it stood whaur the wee bairn was.

    10. And whan they saw the starn, they were blythe wi' unco blythness.

    11. And comin intil the hoose, they saw the wee bairn, and his mither Mary ; and loutin doon, worshipp't him. And openin' oot their gear, they offer't till him gifts - gowd, and frankincense, and myrrh.

    12. And bein warned in a dream no to gang back till Herod, they airtit their way to their ain kintra anither gate.

   Mathew Chaipter Twa, verses 1 til 12 frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

    6. And sae it was, that while they war thar, the days was fulfilled for her to bring forth.

    7. And she brocht forth her son - her first-born - and row't him in a barrie-coat, and laid him i' the manger, for that there was nae room for them i' the inn.

    8. And thar war in the same kintra side herds bidin i' the fields, and keepin gaird ower their flocks by nicht.

    9. And sae ! an Angel o' the Lord cam till them, and the glorie o' the Lord glintit roond aboot them ; and they war sair gliff'd.

    10. And the Angel said, " Be-na gliff'd ; for I bring ye gude tidins o' muckle joy to the hail warld !

    11. " For thar is born t'ye this day, in Dauvid's toun, a Saviour, wha is the Anointit Lord.

    12. " And here is the token for ye ; ye'se fin' the bairn row't in a barrie-coat, lyin in a manger. "

    13. And a' at ance there was wi' the Angel a thrang o' Heeven's host, praisin God, and sayin,

    14. " Glorie to God i' the heighest heights, and on the yirth peace ! Gude wull to Men !"

     Luke Chaipter Twa, Verses 6 - 14 frae ' The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

    18. And walking by the Loch o' Galilee, he saw twa brithers, Simon (ca'd Peter), and Andro his brither, castin aboot a net i' the Loch, for they war fisher-folk.

    19. And quo' he to them, "Follow ye me ! and I'se mak ye fishers o' men !"

    20. And they, withoot ado, left the nets, and gaed eftir him.

    21. And gangin forrit tharawa, he saw ither twa brithers, James, son o' Zebedee, and his brither John, in a smack wi' Zebedee their faither, workin on their nets : and he bad them "Come !"

    22. And they, forsakin the boat, and their faither, gaed eftir him.

    23. And Jesus gaed ower a' Galilee, instructin i' their kirks, and giean forth the Blythe-Message o' the Kingdom, and healin a' diseases, and a' infirmities amang the folk.

    24. And the sough o' him gard oot intil a' Syria : and they fesh't till him a' wha war ill wi' a' diseases and pains, and thae possess't wi' demons, and dementit, and that had a stroke : and he healed them.

    25. And unco thrangs follow't him - frae Galilee, and the Ten cities, and Jerusalem, and Judea, and ayont the Jordan.

 Matthew Chaiptir Fower, Verses 18-25 frae ' The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

    1. And sae it cam to pass, that whan Jesus had made an end o' thae sayins, he said till his disciples

    2. "Ye ken that twa days mair, and the Pasche comes ; and the Son o' Man is deliver't up to be crucify't."

    3. Than forgather't the Heid-priests and the Elders o' the nation intil the palace o' the Heigh-priest - the ane ca'd Caiaphas.

    4. And coonsell't thegither that they micht tak Jesus hidlins, and slay him.

    5. "But," quo' they, "no at the Feast-time ; or thar wad be a stramash amang the people."

    6. Noo, whan Jesus was in Bethanie, i' the hoose o' Simon the leper,

    7. Thar cam till him a wummam wi' an alabaster box o' unco precious perfume ; and she teemed it on his heid as he was at meat.

    8. And the disciples, seein it, war put aboot, and quo' they "For what is siccan a wastrie ?

    9. "For this micht hae been sell't for muckle, and gien to the puir."

   10. But Jesus takin tent, says to them, "Why fash ye the wumman? For a wark that is bonnie has she wrocht on me.

   11. "For ye aye hae the puir w'ye ; but ye hae-na me aye !

   12. "For she, strinklin this perfume on my heid, did it for my burial.

   13. "Truely say I t'ye, Whaursoe'er thir Gude-tidins sal be made kent i' the hail warld, this too o' what she has dune sal be tell't for a memorial o' her. 

   Matthew Chaiptir Twintie-Sax, verses 1 - 13 frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

    1, And at the hinner-end o' the Sabbath, as it begude to break to the first day o' the week, cam Mary the Magdalene, and the ither Mary, to see the tomb.

    2. And see ! a great yirdin ! for an Angel o' the Lord cam doon frae Heeven and cam and row't awa the stane, and sat on't.

    3. To look at him he was like the fire-flaught, and his cleedin was white as the snaw ;

    4. And, cuisten doon afore him, the gaird did trimmle, and war as deid men.

    5. But the angel, speaking to the weemen said, " Be-na ye fley't ! For I ken ye are seekin Jesus, the crucify't.

    6. " He isna here ! for he is risen, e'en as he said ! Come, see the bit whaur the Lord was lyin.

    7. " And gae quickly, and say ye till his disciples, " He is risen frae the deid ! And mark ! he gangs afore ye intil Galilee. Thar sal ye see him. See  ! I hae tell't ye ! "

    8. And quickly lea'in the tomb, in muckle fear and muckle joy, they ran to tak word to the disciples.

    9. And look ! Jesus met them, and says, " All hail ! " And they cam forrit, and grippit him by the feet, and worshipp't him.

   10. Than says Jesus to them, " Fear-na ! But gae tell my brethern, sae as they may gang intil Galilee ; thar sal they see me.

   11. Noo, e'en while they war gaun, some o' the gaird cam intil the citie, and tell't to the Heid-priests a' that had been dune.

   12. And whan they had foregather't wi' the Elders, and coonsell't thegither, they gied a rowth o' siller to the sodgers ;

   13. And quo' they, " Say ye, ' His disciples cam in the nicht, and slippit awa wi' him whan we war sleepin. '

   14. " And aiblins gin this come afore the Governor, we wull cajole him, and mak it siccar for ye ! "

   15. Sae they liftit the siller, and did as they war tell't ; and this tale was spread abreid amang the Jews - ay, e'en to this day.

   16. And the eleeven disciples gaed awa intil Galilee, to a mountain whaur Jesus had trystit them.

    17. And, seein him, they adored him ; hoobeit, some swither't.

    18. And Jesus, drawin nar, spak to them, sayin, " Thar has been gien to me a' pooer in Heeven, and on yirth !

    19. " Gang ye tharfor, and mak ye disciples o' a' the nations, bapteezin them intil the name o' the Faither, and o' the Son, and o' the Holie Spirit ;

    20. " Schawin them hoo till observe a' things, e'en as mony as I hae commandit ye. And tent ye ! I am wi' ye a' the days; e'en till a' time ! "  

    Matthew Chaiptir Twintie- Aucht frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith   

    1. "Tak tent no to do yere gude warks i' the sicht o' men, that ye may be seen by them; else hae ye tint reward frae yere Faither wha is in Heeven.

    2. "Whan, than, ye wad do a gude wark, dinna hae a bugle-horn soondit afore ye, as the pretenders div in kirks and merkits, that they may be roosed o' men. Truly say I t'ye, they hae gotten a' their reward!"

    3. "But whan ye wad do a gude wark, lat yere left haun no jalouse what yere richt haun is thrang wi' !

    4. "That yere gude warks may be dune hidlins; and yere Faither wha sees i' the hidlin place, sal his ain sel reward ye.

    5. "And whane'er ye pray be-na as the pretenders; for weel they like to pray i' the kirks, and at the corners o' the braid causeys, sae as folk soud see them. Ay, ay ! say I; they hae gotten their reward! 

    6. "But ye, whan ye wad pray, gang intil yere bower; and, steekin yere door, pray till yere Faither wha is i' the hidlin place; and yere Faither, wha sees i' the hidlin place, sal his ain sel reward ye!

    7. "And in yere prayin, rhyme-na things ower and ower, incontinent, like the heather-folk: for they trow gin that they speak eneuvh, they sal be heard.

    8. "Come-na than to be like tae them; for yere Faither kens weel a' yere needs, e'en afore ye ask him.

    9. "And sae pray ye ; 'Faither o' us a', bidin Aboon ! Thy name be holie !

    10. " 'Lat thy reign begin ! Lat thy wull be dune, on the Yirth as in Heeven !

    11. " 'Gie as ilka day oor needfu' fendin.

    12. " 'And forgie us a' oor ill deeds, as we e'er forgae thae wha did us ill :

    13. " ' And lat us no be sifit; but save us frae the Ill-Ane ! For the croon is thine ain, and the micht and the glorie, for evir and evir, Amen !'

    Matthew Chaiptir Sax verses 1 - 13 frae ' The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William A Smith

    1. "For the Kingdom o' Heeven is like till a man, a laird, wha gaed oot i' the dawin, to hire workers intil his vine-yaird.

    2. "And whan he had 'gree't wi' the laborers for a hauf-merk a day, he sent them intil his vine-yaird.

    3. "And he gaed oot aboot the chap o' nine, and saw ither anes staunin idle i' the merkit.

    4. "And quo' he to them, ' Gang ye as weel intil the vine-yaird, and whate'er is richt, ye sall hae !' And they gaed their ways.

    5. "And again he gaed oot aboot twal, and thrie o'clock, and did the same.

    6. "And at fyve he gaed oot, and faund mair staunin ; and quo' he, ' Hoo is't ye staun here, idle a' the day ?'

    7. "They say, ' For that nae man fee'd us !' He says to them, ' Gang ye as weel intil the vine-yaird ; and whate'er is richt, that sal ye hae !'

    8. "Sae whan gloamin was come, the laird o' the vine-yaird says till his grieve, ' Ca the workers; and gie them their fee ; beginnin frae the hinmaist doon to the first.'

    9. "And whan they o' fyve o'clock cam, they gat ilk man a hauf-merk.

    10. "And whan the first cam, they trow'd to hae gotten mair ; and they, as well, gat ilka man a hauf-merk.

    11. "And whan they gat it, they yammer't again the gude-man.

    12. "Saying, ' Thir last anes hae putten-in ae 'oor, and ye hae made them even wi' us, wha hae dreed the weary cark and scouther o' the day !'

    13. But he answert't ane o' them. and quo' he, 'Freend, I do ye nae wrang. Did-ye-na tak-on wi' mi for a hauf-merk !'

    14. "Tak what belangs t'ye, and gang yere gate ! It is my wull to gie to this e'en as to you.

    15. "Is't no richt to hae my ain wull in my ain things ? Is yere ee skellied because I am upricht ?'

    16. "Sae the hinmaist sal be first, and the first hinmaist. For mony are biddin, but no a' acceptit."

            Matthew Chaiptir XX, verses 1 - 16, frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

    1. Noo it cam abootthat on the Sabbath-day he was gaun throwe the corn-fields ; and his disciples pu'd the heads o' corn, and war eatin, rubbin them i' their loof.

    2. But some o' the Pharisees said, "Why div ye an unlawfu' thing on the Sabbath-day ?"

    3. And Jesus answerin them said, "Hae ye no e'en read this, what Dauvid did, whan he was hunger't, he and thae wi' him ;

    4. "Hoo he gaed intil God's hoose, and did tak and eat o' the Breid o' Presentation, and gied to thae that war wi' him ; whilk wasna lawfu' for him to eat - but for the priests alane ?"

    5. And he said to them, "The Son o' Man is Lord e'en o' the Sabbath."

           Luke Chaiptir Sax, verses 1-5, frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scts' - Rev William W Smith 

    1.On that vera day gaed Jesus oot o' the hoose, and sat doon by the side o' the Loch.

    2. And great gaitherins o' folk cam thegither till him, sae that he gaed intil a boat, and sat doon ; and the hail o' the folk stude on the shore.

    3. And he spak mony things to them on parables ; and quo' he : " Tak tent : The sawer gaed oot to saw

    4. " And in his sawin, a neiffu' was mis-cuisten on the fit-road, and eaten up wi' the birdies.

    5. " Some fell on the stanerie bits, whaur the yirth was jimp ; and it brairdit bonnie, for the mool was thin.

    6. " And whan the sun raise heigh, it birsl't up : and, for that it had nae rute, it dwined awa.

    7. " And some fell whaur thorns had been ; and up cam the thorns, and smoored it.

    8. " And some fell on the gude grun', and brocht forth frute - this a hunner, that saxty, and the ither thretty.

    9. " Wha has lugs for hearin, lat him hear ! "

 Matthew Chaiptir Thurteen, verses 1-9, frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

    1. Noo, eftir he had endit a' his teachin i' the hearin o' the thrang, he gaed intil Capernaum.

    2. And a Centurion's servin-man, wha was unco thocht o' by him, was ill, and ready to dee.

    3. But, hearing aboot Jesus, he sent till him Elders o' the Jews, wha besocht him that he wad come and save his servin-man.

    4. And whan they cam to Jesus, he besocht him sair, sayin, " He is wordie to wham ye wad grant this :

    5. " For he lo'es oor nation, and has biggit us a kirk ! "

    6. And Jesus was gaun wi' them. By this time he, no bein far frae the hoose, the Centurion sent freends till him, sayin, " Lord, dinna fash yersel ; for I am-na wordie ye soud come under my roof.

    7. " And sae naither thocht I mysel wordie to come till ye ; but speak wi' a word, and my servin-lad sal be hale.

    8. " For e'en I mysel am ane set under authoritie, and haein under me sodgers ; and I say till ane, ' Gang,' and he gangs ; and till anither, ' Come.' and he comes ; and to my servin-lad, ' Do this,' and he dis it. "

    9. And whan Jesus heard thae words, he ferlied at him ; and turnin to the thrang that follow't him, said, " I say t'ye, I hae-na fund sic leal faith, na, no in Isra'l ! "

    10. And they that war sent, returnin to the hoose, faund the servin-lad weel.

  Luke Chaiptie Seiven, verses 1-10, frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

Twentie-Thurd Saum
A Scots owresettin o Dauvid's Saum
John Moir

Wha is my shepherd weel I ken,
The Lord Himsel' is he;
He leeds me whaur the girse is green
An' burnies quaet that be.
Aft times I fain astray wad gang
An' wann'r far awa';
He fin's me oot, He pits me richt,
An brings me hame an' a'.
Tho' I pass through the gruesome cleugh,
Fin' I ken He is near;
His muckle crook will me defen',
Sae I ha'e nocht to fear.
Ilk comfort whilk a sheep could need,
His thochtfu' care provides;
Tho' wolves an' dogs may prowl aboot,
In safety me he hides.
His guidness an' His mercy baith
Nae doot will bide wi' me
while faulded on the fields o' time,
Or o' eternity.

Click here to listen to this in Real Audio read by Marilyn Wright

    19. But Herod deein, look ! an Angel o' the Lord by dream appears to Joseph in Egypt.
    20. And quo' he, " Rise ! tak the wee bairn and his mither, and journey intil Isra'ls land ; for they that socht the wee bairn's life are deid. "
    21. And he raise, and took till him the wee bairn and his mither, and cam intil the land o' Isra'l.
    22. But whan it was tell't him that Archelaus rang in Judea in the stead o' Herod his faither. he was fley't to gang thar ; but, being instruckit in a dream, he gaed intil the pairts o' Galilee :
    23. And cam and dwalt in a citie ca'ed Nazareth ; that it soud come to pass that was said by the prophet, " He will be ca'ed a Nazarene. "
   Matthew Chaiptir Thrie, verses 19-23, frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith
    1. But on the first day o' the week, Mary o' Magdala comes ear' - for it was yet mirk - to the tomb ; and she sees the stane taen awa frae the tomb.
    2. Than she rins and gaes to Simon Peter, and to the ither disciple wham Jesus lo'ed, and says to them, " They hae ta'en awa my Lord oot o' the tomb, and we ken-na whaur they hae laid him !"
    3. Sae Peter gaed oot, and the ither disciple, to gang to the tomb.
    4. And they ran baith thegither ; and the ither ane ootran Peter, and cam first to the tomb.
    5. And he, loutin doon, saw the linen claes lyin ; but he gaed-na in.
    6. Than Peter comes, eftir him, and gaed intil the tomb, and saw the linen claiths lyin ;
    7. And the naipkin that was row't aboot his heid, no lyin wi' the linen claiths, but row't up in a place by itsel.
    8. And than gaed in the ither disciple wha cam first to the tomb ; and he saw, and believ't.
    9. For till noo they kent-na the Scriptur, that he soud rise frae 'mang the deid.
    10. The disciples than gaed awa again to their ain hame.
    John Chaiptir Twentie, verses 1 - 10, frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith
1. On the third day was a bridal at Galilee-Cana, and Jesus' mither was thar;
    2. And baith Jesus and his disciples had a bode to the bridal.
    3. And whan the wine ran dune, Jesus' mither said till him, "The wine's a' dune !"
    4. Quo' Jesus, "Eh, wumman, what hae I to do wi' ye e'noo ? My 'oor will be here belyve !"
    5. But his mither coonsell't wi' the servants, "Whatsae he bids ye, gang and do it."
    6. And thar war staunin sax stane jars, accordin as the Jews purify't theirsels ; and ilk wad haud twa-thrie firkins.
    7. And Jesus had them fill the water-jars wi watir. And they teemed them lippin-fou.
    8. And he spak till them, "Dip oot noo, and tak to the Maister o' the feast !" And they gaed wi't.
    9. As sune as the Maister o' the feast had pree'd the watir-wine (and kent-na whaur it cam frae ; but the servants kent), he cry't to the bridegroom.
    10. "Ilka man wales oot his best wine to hansel the feast ; and whan folk are weel slocken't, than feshes the second-wale ; but ye hae hained the best wine till noo !"
    11. Sae Jesus begude to do his wunner-works in Galilee-Cana, and schawed forth his glorie : and the disciples lippened on him.

John Chaiptit Twa, verses 1-11, frae 'The Four Gospels in Braid Scots' - Rev William W Smith

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