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Albert Road Academy
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Remember Me?

Some of us memorize names. Others, faces. Hopefully, this photo gallery will help in both cases. If you have a photograph taken around the time you went to high school, send it to me, in JPEG format. Enclose your name and/or nickname while at school, name of school, and years attended. If you do not have a scanner, email me. Go search 'em out!!

looking back....

"one hundred years from now it will not matter about my bank account, nor the sort of house I lived in....... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child" anon


People mentioned in the pictures are:
J. Oliver Brown, Miss Barbara Scott, Frederick C. Yuill, Mrs. Robertson, James Y. Hart, Mr. Robert Bell, Mr. Brough, Mr. King, Robert P. Downie, Alan Henderson, Deana Henderson, Annie Montgomery, Andrew Malcolm, Sheila Buchanan, Flora Buchanan, Betty McGowan, Madelaine Henderson, .J. S. (Iain) Henderson, John MacDonald, Bill Walker, Ken Anderson,

Perhaps neither badge seems quite right. The third is an actual badge, circa 1950s, but member, Ian McDowal has graciously supplied us with the following quote from A.R.A. Magazine, Summer, 1935 edition:

"As mentioned in the Christmas issue, the school badge,
owing to an edict of the Court of Heralds, had to be
altered. It was necessary to substitute a laurel wreath
for the shield in the former badge."

Referring to the magazine cover, the article continues:

"No doubt the eagle eyes of our readers will have noticed
the change in the colour scheme at once; and no doubt
too they will understand the change; these are our school
colours -- maroon and gold."

Sheila Buchanan, (ARA 1952-55), she of the amazing memory, has kindly taken the time to write down some names she recalls from her high school days. They include friends, neighbours, classmates and teachers. Thanks, Sheila

Here are some names and faces I remember in no particular order, just as they come to mind.

Ann and Eva Wilson, sisters, Norma MacIntosh, Morag Downie, Stanley Downie, Murray Downie, brothers and sister, Marylin Lynch, Jacqueline Bingham, Duncan Martin, Jack Nobbs, Ian Hannah, Myra and Margaret Lockheed, sisters, Elizabeth Stoddart, Blanche Diell (spelling?), (ed. maybe Dalziel?), Billy Hunter, Jim Robinson, (father owned Robinson's Rolls bakery), Tony Saunders, Billy Somerville, (played trumpet in school orchestra), Ian Milligan, Sandra MacIlroy, (girlfriend of Ian Milligan), Dorothy Anderson, (died of leukemia when she was 15-16 years old), Ken Anderson, (Dorothy's boyfriend), Fay and Jeanette MacAlinden, sisters, Tony Weston, Harvey MacGilvary.

Olga, who lived at the bottom of Pollok Street, near Paisley Road, Stella Foley, Bucky Buchanan, a terror with blond curly hair, Ian Locke, who now lives in Canada, Rosa Livingston and her brother, lived on Pollok Street. Roddy McKendrick, Eddie Parry, Flora Buchanan, Betty Dimeo, Jane Gow, Ann Milligan, Betty McGowan, (known as Goony), Eunice, an English girl,David Purnell, a very good artist, kind of an early beatnik, and his sister Diana.

Ann Paton, (emigrated to Australia in the late 1940s), Catherine Everret, (emigrated to Canada, father owned candy store, corner of Pollok Street and Ardgowen Street), Edward Parry, (his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Did anyone hang out at Pelosi's cafe on Scotland Street near the underground? There was Peter, Mary, Veronica and Al who worked there in turns, along with their parents. Maureen Docherty and Joan Wilson from Cardonald, Beth McLaughlin, Norma MacIntosh,(cousin of Morag Downie).

Finally, some teachers....Mr. Roy and Mr. McKendrick, music teachers, Miss Scott, (Bobo), Miss Scott, French teacher, (who, I think, had a crush on Mr. Bell, (English teacher?), Mr. Criuckshank, and the algebra teacher, tall, thin, with dark hair, (can't remember his name, but who can forget him?)

Click here to email Sheila

Prefect badge, circa 1941
courtesy Ian McDowal

HOCKEY - 1st X1 - 1941

left to right: back row - Edith Sarvent, Frances Hamilton, Mary Broadfoot, Elizabeth Macrae, Suzanne Edmiston, Thelma McAdam, Margaret McCallum. Middle row - Dorothea Edmiston, Doris Macintyre, Mr. Hamilton, Miss McGavin, Mary Paterson, Mary Brewster. Front row - Margaret McFarlane, Sheena Sutherland, Sandra Barnett

Letter re James Y. Hart

I have recently been researching genealogy and, in working on my maternal grandfather's history I found that he was headmaster of Albert Road Academy in the 1950s.

Since I had very little more to go on, I just googled Albert Road Academy & was VERY pleased & surprised to not only find the web site but a large number of photos that have James Y Hart (my grandfather) in them.

Thanks to all those who posted pictures of him in his "work environment" since I have no other pictures from that period.

I only met the gentleman twice in my life, (he was in Glasgow and I in Ontario and the States).

If anyone has any more info on him I'd certainly love to know. My mother once told me that, while he was proud of his work as head, the thing he truly loved was to teach.

Thanks for the great work on the site.

Roderick Cameron

Ed: For those of you who would like to write to Mr. Cameron, his email address is:

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