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Albert Road Academy
Log Extracts

Below are the extracts from the log books from 1879 to 1925. Please make allowances for typographical errors, including some dates, and spelling mistakes. It's not clear who authored or typed these notes.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Blair for converting the photocopies to a file.

September, 1979.

The duties of this school were commenced this day.
Smith, Robert B., Certificated teacher.
Dickie, Mary, Certificated teacher.
Maccallum, Hugh, Certificated teacher.
Christie, Mary, pupil teacher of the third year.
Harkness, Helen, stipendiary monitor.
The number of scholars enrolled was 328; and the entire day was occupied in testing and classifying the children.
Memorandum of instructions anent Corporal punishment issued to the Assistants that "until further notice corporal punishment is not to be employed for lateness, errors in dictation, blots in copy-books, and similar faults; and other delinquencies, which may merit that mode of correction, are not to be visited therewith unless with the Cognizance of the Headmaster.
General sickness among children but particularly hooping cough, scarlet-fever, chicken-pox, and diphtheria, keep down the attendance very markedly.
In the Senior Department, a Lecture was given to-day by the Headmaster "On Meteors", in view of the expected "showers" of the middle and end of the current month. The first death in connection with the school took place to-day - Mary Dobbie - of typhus.
School year ended to-day, being eight months after its opening.
900 children have been enrolled - though on account of epidemics and the youthfulness of the pupils in the infant department, the highest attendance gained during the session has been only 720.
The instruction has been as liberal as possible but always fairly in the lines of the standard requirements. Not a tithe of the scholars has formerly enjoyed the advantage of Government inspection, and great difficulty has been experienced in working up the Arithmetic and Dictation Subjects.

Government Inspector's Report.
Mixed School. "This large school has only recently been opened, and thoroughly satisfactory results cannot yet be expected. The most noticeable feature is the excellence of the School Buildings. I have nowhere seen schools superior in point of simplicity, comfort, beauty, and suitability for good organization to those erected by Govan School Board; and of the Govan Schools this seems to me to be the best. The children have been drawn from a great variety of uninspected schools, and the schedules reveal a number of weak points to which special attention is drawn........My Lords have consented to pay the Grant conditionally due on the present occasion, being un­willing further to delay the case. It must be on the distinct understanding that by so doing any decision which may be arrived at hereafter is not to be in any degree prejudiced by the present payment."
At the close of the work to-day, about 80 of the senior scholars with the Teachers visited the Gas & Electric Exhibition in Burnbank Hall, Glasgow.
The play-shed on the West side of the school fell to-day at 12.35. Two children were killed and two others so sev­erely hurt that they died within an hour of the accident. Eleven others were more or less injured in the accident. The scholars of the Junior and Infant departments were at the time out for the lunch hour, and those of the Junior and Senior departments were just in the act of being dis­missed when the accident took place. The School was not reassembled in the Afternoon.
Opened School this morning at the usual hour. Told the children the results of the accident of the preceding day, and enquired from them any instances they knew of injured onesthat were not known to me.
After a few appropriate words, and devotional exercises the children were dismissed to reassemble on Friday.

A Musical Entertainment and Exhibition of Drawings, Paint­ings, Fancy Needlework, etc., by scholars of the Ex.VI Classes took place.
Promenade in Junior Class Room from 7 till 8 o'clock. Three walls of the room were covered with the paintings, and etc., and these and the specimens of Needlework which were spread upon tables in the centre of the room were greatly admired.
Music, consisting of concerted pieces, solos, and pianoforte pieces, intermingled with a few readings, from 8 till 9.30 in the Juvenile classroom.
The attendance of the friends of the scholars was so great that many could not find admission.
Absent this afternoon, having to go to Edinburgh as wit­ness on behalf of the Board in the Court of Session Case, resulting from the accident on the 20th March last year.
Absent all day to-day, being again required in Edinburgh in above case. Miss Dickie also at Edinburgh.
Lessons in Cookery commenced this morning. All the Girls from Standard IV upwards included. The Junior room quite full.
The Pupil Teachers are receiving from Mr. Maccallum in all the subjacts from 9 till 10 o'clock daily. Miss Dickie is taking charge of their religious instruction, and of the sewing. Mr. Watson is charged with the instruction of the two monitors.
The Headmaster is engaged from 9 till 9-30 giving special instruction to three Boys who are ahead of all the others in Latin, Greek, French and Mathematics. From 9.30 till 10 he takes the religious instruction of the VI-Ex. classes. All the classes are now fairly filled up and instruction is being carried forward with exemplary zeal and success in all.

The Entertainment given by the scholars of the Ex-VI classes at Christmas, after paying expenses, has yielded £7_7/-_ for the Poor Children's Dinner Fund of the Board. This is in addition to a very large contribution of cast-off clothing gifted by the children of this school.
School closed for the Summer Vacation to-day. Several members of the Board and the Provost and Bailie Donald of East Pollokshields also being present.
The Commissioners of the Burgh having given two medals and six book prizes, in honour of the coming if age of Sir John Maxwell Stirling Maxwell, these prizes were presented to-day along with the Board's prizes for passes in var-ious subjects.... The usual certificates were also given for passing in the various Standards.
Valedictory words were spoken by the Chairman, Provost Marshall, Provost Hamilton and Bailie Donald. A number of friends of the children were present on the occasion.
Have had to-day the second excursion with the Geological Class, visiting to-day the Bishopbriggs Quarries. The pre­vious excursion was to the Quarries at Giffnock.
It has been arranged by the Board that this School will not go out for the Summer Vacation., this year, till the 28th June, and that the School will re-assemble on the 3rd September.
A propos of the fine weather the Boys and Girls are receiv­ing, twice a week, physical Exercises to music in the Girls' playground.
An Exhibition of Drill(musical and military) and Physical "Exercises took place on Saturday, when the children of the whole school took part. 500 scholars were on the Floor, Mr. Jolly, H.M.I.S., and several members of the School Board were present and about 1,000 spectators. Mr. Jolly and others made congratulatory and other remarks.

Annual Report.
The upper department was conducted with the same superior tone......the fourth standard deserved special praise, all
the greater considering that over a hundred had been under one master........The drill under the janitor, who takes
a most active part in this and other matters, continues to maintain its high character.......The lower panes of the
Infant Room should be obscured to prevent distraction of attention; as formerly reported all the standards should be provided with desks, and the first standard with copy­books. Some of the rooms have again been much over-crowd­ed, the first standard room especially so, 77 pupils being crushed into the space for 48. The average attendance in any one room ought not to be allowed during any portion of the year to exceed the number for which accommodation has been provided(Art. 8(c) of the Code and footnote), other­wise next year's grant may be seriously endangered.
The Boys of St.V and VI went to-day between 3 and 4 o'clock for their first lesson in swimming in the Pond connected with the Strathbungo School, and are hereafter to go weekly on Tuesdays at the same hour.
The Girls are to attend the Swimming Pond on Fridays from 3 till 4.
Miss Bannerman, who is to be married at an early date, took leave of the Staff to-day. Meantime the work can go on without a Mistress in her place, as the attendance has already been much affected by the usual Summer Exodus from the City.
The School was closed to-day, being the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen. In connection with this event the scholars to the number of 543 were present, on Saturday, at a Fete, given by the Corporation of Glasgow.
Half holiday given to-day in honour of the Royal Visit to the City - H.R.H. Duke and Duchess of York.
The Corporation's Jubilee Medals were to-day given to the children who had been present at the Fete on June 22nd.

The introduction of a "progress book" for each class has been made. Meantime the entries are to be monthly, and the examinations by the Headmaster are to be made on the basis of these monthly professions. The first of these for the month of April, shows a good field of work gone over.
The usual quarterly examination of Religious Instruction has been held. Mr. Jack, the Member of the Board appointed to visit having heard all the classes taught by the res­pective Teachers.
The prevalence of what is almost an epidemic of measles keeps the attendance abnormally low, especially as it is combined with numerous cases of Scarlet Fever and hooping cough.
The news of the Relief of Ladysmith having reached the school before Noon, the children received a half-holiday in honour of the event.
(Saturday) The highest class accompanied by their teacher and myself made a visit to the Site of the Roman Wall and traced its course from Croy to Dullatur,. a distance of about two miles.
The Scholars of the highest class spent part of the After­noon botanizing near Nitshill, in the grounds around the Gorbals Water-works.
All the work is going on very satisfactorily. The children are doing some samples of work for the Glasgow International Exhibition 1901.
The Small pox scare is still militating against the attend­ance.
This has been a holiday in connection with the opening of the Glasgow International Exhibition.

The permission of the Department has been received to close the school on the occasion of the visit of the King and Queen to Glasgow on Thursday; the closing on that day "bringing the number of openings for the year below the required 400.
It has been arranged to take the Children to the Park on Saturday next - Children's Day - when they are to be treated by the Corporation of Glasgow.
Annual Report.
"The condition of the School has not materially changed since last year; the Headmaster's supervision is faithful and kindly, and there is evidence of earnest, and, in several directions, creditably successful effort on the part of the staff......."
Met the staff this afternoon in reference to membership of the E.I.S.
Have made a second application for Sewing material for next Session, but it has not yet been supplied.
Mr. Black, second master, has taken about twenty of the pupils to Bothwell and Hamilton this afternoon on a Nature Study excursion.
The upper class of the school had permission to attend the matinee performance in the Theatre Royal of "The. Merchant of Venice" and this opportunity was well taken advantage of.
Have sent in to the "News" £5-11/- as a contribution from the school towards the "Sick Children's Hospital" build­ing fund.
School was closed on the 24th inst. in honour of the visit of Prince and Princess of Wales to Glasgow.
The Board have agreed to reduce the fees for pianoforte tuition from 15/- to 12/6 per quarter as from September next.

Directed the attention of the Master of Works to the danger from fire from the furnace being situated under the stair­ways.
Miss Wells, a lady teacher, from Chicago U.S.A., visited School on Wednesday 9th inst.
Have spent a considerable time in making out returns in connection with attendances lost through infectious diseases. Making two continous attendances to-day in order that children may have a skating half holiday.
Received a notice from the police to warn staff that thefts are being committed from private rooms in schools.
Parcels of cast off clothing and boots have been collected on behoof of the Board for distribution amongst destitute children.
The school will be closed to-morrow on the occasion of the burial of King Edward VII.
Received this week a communication from the Board regard­ing skating half-holidays - restricting these to two during the winter, and that intimation, when such takes place, be sent to the Board Office.
Circular received from the Board notifying that Jewish children from November to the middle of February, are to be allowed to leave school at 3p.m. such circular, how­ever, does not affect this school meantime, there being no children of that faith here.
Inconvenienced somewhat this week by plumbers installing a new system of gas lighting.

In consequence of a notification from Mr. Dalrymple, Manager of the Corporation cars, the Headmaster went round the various classes, and warned the boys against swinging at the back of cars.
On accounts of complaints from the lady teachers about the withdrawal of fires from the private rooms, Mr. Preston the Master of Works, sent the following letter to the Janitor for his future guidance;-
Dear Sir,
You will please leave the fires in the teachers' rooms set ready for lighting so that the teachers can light them if required. No definite date is laid down by the Board for putting off the fires in teachers' rooms as this is a matter which depends entirely on the weather......
A circular received from A.W.Myles, Town Clerk of Glasgow, asking a conference of Headmasters in Municipal Buildings this afternoon to make arrangements for all scholars out­side the Infant department having a day in the Exhibition, as a Coronation treat.
At the Conference mentioned in the preceding page, the allocation of the day set apart for visiting the Exhibition was notified - this school's being Wednesday, 14th June.
Gave out Coronation Medals to-day(Friday).
15-9-1911 .
Notified by police that window-breaking by schoolboys on strike was prevalent in the neighbourhood, but so far this school is entirely free from discontent.
20-10-1911 .
A begging circular from the Benevolent Committee of the E.I.S. received to-day and sent round the staff, but so far without any tangible result.
Filled up and forwarded Forms for the Sc. Education Dept. in connection with the Superannuation Scheme.

On Monday the results of the Christmas Competition in Writing, promoted by the makers of "H.P." Sauce, were received showing that this school for the third time in succession had taken the premier place - securing the Gold Medal, 2 prizes of 10/6 each, 2 of 5/- each, and one of 2/6.
Intimated to Teachers and Pupils that a circular letter had been received from the National Vigilance Association of Scotland, warning against the danger of speaking to strang­ers on the street.
The results of Collins' Writing Competition were received this week, shewing this school to have gained 7 prizes of the total value of £1-6/- as against 11 prizes.,,- value -
£1-14-6 last year.
Notified the pupils that they were to be in attendance here on 8th proximo, at 9.30 a.m. and to march to the enclosure in Eglinton Street, to view the King's procession.
A return, for Police purposes, of parents of German, Austrian and Hungarian nationality made out and forwarded per the Board Office.
Intimation received from the Board Office that Mr. Ritchie, Physical Instructor, has been called up for military duty. Further instructed by the 'Board that Boy Scouts be allowed off for short for special duties in connection with the present emergency, but in all cases the consent of the parents must be obtained.
Visited by some of the old boys of the school, presently home on furlough.
This morning the school did not begin till 9.45, to give the pupils an opportunity of seeing the 2nd Battalion of H.L.I, on the march back to Gailes.

Notified of the death of a boy in Ruchill Hospital, from Cerebro-Spinal Fever. The other pupils in his class are forwarding a marble tablet to be placed on his grave.
The upper classes of girls have this week started knitting sox for soldiers.
A letter was received this week from Lady Stirling-Maxwell, thanking the Senior girls for their efforts on behalf of the soldiers.
On Monday this school forwarded 64 pairs of socks to the Scottish Branch of the British Red Cross Society.
Notified to the lady members of the staff that a meeting would be held to-night in the Bellahouston Academy to form a work-party to make up clothing for necessitous pupils attending the Board schools.
Made out and forwarded to the Board Office the names of teachers willing to give their services for evening clerical work to the Minister of Munitions.
A letter was received this week from the Manager of the Tramway cars, complaining about boys jumping on the cars and asking for the co-operation of teachers in putting a stop to the practice.
A circular letter received from the Board Office asking teachers to give special attention to the teaching of "Thrift A further letter received asking Headmasters to start Savings Banks in all schools.
Notified that a change in cleaning and scrubbing of the school will come into operation as from 10th Jan. - the new scale of wages being:-
Full time cleaners 11/- per week
Half " " 6/6 " "
Scrubbers 3/- " day.

Notified the scholars about changed caused this week-end by the introduction of the"Daylight Savings Bill".
On Monday afurther consignment of 23 pairs of socks, 230 face-cloths, 14bandages and 6 pillow-cases, were forwarded through Mrs. Pickering to the Scottish Women's Hospital for foreign service.
A War Savings Association was started here on Monday and as a "War Saving Week" had been recommended by the Govern­ment, it was kept open all week, with the result that the sum of £15-17-6 has been collected. After this date it will be open only on Tuesdays from 9 to 9.30 a.m.
Two appeals, one from Mr. Dalrymple for help for our sold­iers and sailors, and another from Mr. Pullen, the Glas­gow postmaster for old ra zors for men on active service. The latter met with a fair response.
Notified from the Office that the Supplementary Class was to be transferred to Strathbungo as soon as arrangements could be carried out.. The Headmaster called at Strathbungo and arranged with Mr. Campbell that the class would be trans­ferred as from Monday first, 5th inst.
A circular was also received from the Board asking the teach­ers to impress upon their scholars the necessity of econom­ising in all kinds of food.
It has been reported today that a second ex-pupil of this school has been successful in gaining the V.C. Waiting confirmation of the report.
The school made two continuous attendances on Tuesday,
to give the scholars an opportunity of seeing H.M.George V.

A movement has been started to promote a testimonial from) scholars and teachers to Company Sergeant-Major Skinner,D.C.M, an old scholar of this school, on"the occasion of his gain­ing the v.C.
On 1st October, Sergeant Major Skinner, an ex-pupil of this school, was presented witha gold wristlet watch, and a gold mounted Malacca cane, on the occasion of his winning the Victoria Cross. In honour of the same, the school made two continuous attendances on the following day.
In fulfilment of a promise that when the War Savings amount­ed to £1000 the school made two continuous attendances today, to give the children a half holiday.
By request of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, on the occasion of his first visit to Glasgow, to-morrow(Friday) has been proclaimed a holiday for all the schools in the Glasgow area.
Notified this week that John Skinner, V.C., D.C.M. and Croix de Guerre, an old pupil of this school, had been killed in action in France.
On Thursday the Classes got away at 3.30 to view the aero­plane display at George Square.
A special effort was put forth this week in connection with the War Savings. Glasgow endeavouring to raise Two and a half million pounds to purchase a super-dreadnought.
A return was also made out for the Ministry of Pood, giving the number of children between the ages of 6 and 10, who are are to receive in future a full Meat Ration.
Notified by the Board that a half holiday has been granted to the School as a recognition of the War Savings now ex­ceeding £2000.

The attendance of scholars is slightly better this week, but many pupils are still Absent through the influenza epidemic.
The attendance has been again marred and the work interrupt­ed by the cessation of hostilities in France and Belgium. On Monday two continuous attendances were marked and on Tuesday a holiday was proclaimed by the School Board,
Forwarded to Bellahouston Hospital 8 suits of pyjamas, 6 handkerchiefs and 60 face-cloths, and also sent to the Scottish Women's Hospital, 202 Hope Street, 50 pairs socks, 5 mufflers and 30 pillow-slips.
On Thursday closed a little earlier to give pupils an opportunity of seeing Sir Douglas Haig.
A circular fetter was received from Mr. Macleod ststing that, until further notice, all communications to the New Education Authority, were to be sent to the old address.
The War Savings after being in abeyance since the summer holidays, was restarted last week, and now totals £3309-16-6. Wrote the Clerk to the Education Authority asking permission of that body to erect a War Memorial to the old scholars who fell in the War.
Instructed the Staff today as to procedure in connection with the King's proclamation regarding the anniversary if the Armistice.
A return made to the E.A.O. giving size of janitor's foot for clogs.
Notified by the Authority about a Cinema Display in the Picture House, Sauchiehall St. in reference to its utility as an Educational medium.

Note to the Clerk of the Authority protesting against the proposal to change the name of Albert Road Academy to Pollokshields High School,, as bearing too close a similar­ity to Pollokshields Pub. School.
On Wednesday evening the War -Memorial was unveiled and
dedicated by the Rev. John Calderwood,M.A. of Greenock, a
former pupil of this school.
Miss Margt. A.Young, Infant Mistress left this school today, to take up duty on reopening at Townhead Public School. To mark her forty two years' service here she was the recipient of handsome gifts from scholars and teachers.
School closed today in honour of the wedding of Princess Mary.
Received word today that Miss Eliz. F.Ryrie aho has been on the School Staff since 2-2-14 has been selected to ex­change situations for a year with Miss Gertrude Carnochan, Court St. School, St.Catherine's, Ontario.
Organised an appeal for Cast Off Clothing and had a splen-did response. A large quantity was sent to William St. Day Industrial School, and also to Calton Public School.
Hampered at intervals and in arrangement for organised games by presence of workmen in playgrounds. Old latrines and urinals are dismantled and a temporary erection in girls' playground only.
Playground arrangements again hampered by the presence of workman demolishing offices in the Girls' playground. Girls and boys must both use the boys' offices.
Received word from the Education Authority to-day that after the Summer Holidays this school is to become the Primary Department of Albert Road Academy,
The school met for the last time to-day.

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